Digital booth opens in Amble P.O.

Posted on 18th July 2014 | in Amble Town Council , Business News , Community , News

Amble Postmaster Bryan Hewson and Mayor Craig Weir

Amble Postmaster Bryan Hewson and Mayor Craig Weir. More info on Go On UK can be found at

Entrepreneurial Postmaster Bryan Hewson is offering IT access for members of the public within the Queen Street Post Office.
“It’s intended for one-on-one coaching in a private environment” said Bryan. “Or for members of the community wanting to use the internet in private.”

The booth contains a laptop, printer and three tablet devices, all contacted to the internet.

“This is part of the Go On UK campaign. It’s a facility for those people who may not know what the internet is or what it offers. There are some tremendous things on the internet, learning and information.

“The idea is that we’ll be working with Northumberland Community Development Network (NCDN) two afternoons per week, and we’ll be able to offer pre-arranged one -on -one sessions of about 20 minutes to help people get to grips with the internet. It will probably be on Wednesday and Saturday afternoons.”

If you are interested in booking one of the sessions, contact Bryan at the Queen Street Post Office. 01665 713195.

“It’s all about helping people. The Post Office is traditionally somewhere to go for advice – this just gives another dimension to that” said Bryan.

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