New sports club for young people

Posted on 18th July 2014 | in Amble Community Sports Development Centre , Community , Young People’s Activities

A well respected martial arts instructor is starting a new club in Amble thanks to funding from local grant authorities.
Shaun Gaines, is offering separate youth and adult classes in Multi Disciplined Sports through his new project, Amble Long Zhanshi MMA Club. The courses offered include Chinese Boxing, Wrestling, Jujitsu, K1 and others.

“The club is fully affiliated and insured and open to both males and females. We are looking to create a ‘family club’ type environment. We welcome everyone who simply wants to get fit, or those who also want to try their hand in a competitive bout. We all train alongside each other, which creates a brilliant environment,” said Shaun.

Training sessions will be delivered at Amble Community Sports Development Centre (formerly the Boys Club) which is undergoing major transformation under a new committee. The need for this type of programme was identified from local children who highlighted an unanswered need for this type of training.

The classes have been arranged because of funding that has come from many sources, including the Northumberland County Council’s community chest. ‘We have worked really hard over the past 12 months to secure funding that has allowed us to offer this kind of programme to the local community’ said Bruce Durham, committee member for the club.

The training sessions are every Tuesday and Thursday and start on the 24th June. Times are 6pm -7pm for juniors (10-15 year olds) and 7.15 – 8.15pm for 16 and above.

The first session on the Tuesday is free, and after that it is £1 for juniors and £2 per session for adults. ‘Due to funding, we can offer classes at a reduced rate, and I know this will help to benefit more members of the local community’ said John Kelly, Chairman of Amble Community Sports Development Centre. “For anyone wanting to come, just bring a pair of gloves and a drink of water, that’s all you need to get started!”

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