One way system to be introduced on Leazes St

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One way or another: Congestion along Leazes Street has long been a problem, especially at weekends

A one way system will be introduced along Leazes Street from mid November in an attempt to aid congestion around the Harbour area of town.

Parking in Amble continues to be a thorny subject, with recent trial measures branded ‘a farce’ and ‘a waste of money’ by some residents. New measures are now set to be introduced over the next few months in an additional effort to address the town’s road congestion.

Attempts at finding solutions to the lack of long-term parking and the increasing congestion along Leazes Street are causing headaches both to those who have trialled recent schemes, and those who have opposed them.

A recent ‘Park and Ride’ scheme was ridiculed by some residents who questioned the need for such a service. And the temporary use of the Braid was also met with hostility by some locals who claimed the open grassland was not suitable for parking.

Traffic Regulation Order changes in Amble

Double Yellow Lines have been introduced for road safety purposes
in the following streets;-
Albert Street, Coquet Street, Dilston Terrace, Gibson Street, Ivy Street, Leslie Drive, Links Road, Marine Road, Newburgh Street, Percy Drive, Percy Street, The Wynd and Turner Street.

The introduction of no waiting restrictions (Sat – Sun 9am – 6pm only) on Leazes Street and Broomhill Street were also planned to be implemented at the same time as the above changes however these have been postponed.

This was agreed following proposals to introduce an experimental ‘One Way System’, connecting to the existing one way system on Queen Street, incorporating the remainder of Queen Street, Coquet Street, Leazes Street, Lawson Street, George Street and Broomhill Street.

Following the outcome of this experimental order a decision will be made as to whether to consult to make this permanent.

This consultation will also determine the appropriate restrictions on Leazes Street and Broomhill Street in relation to those as mentioned that have at present been postponed.

A section of Single Yellow Line restriction has been removed on High Street and the Temporary Traffic Regulation Order (TTRO) on Queen Street that introduced additional time limited parking bays has been made permanent.

There are some further works to be done to improve parking on Queen Street however these will be addressed though a separate
TRO process as they were not part of the TTRO included in the earlier consultation to make the temporary changes permanent.

Nevertheless, the need to find a reasonable and sustainable solution or series of solutions to the traffic issues in Amble remains, and Northumberland County Council, together with Amble Town Council and business and community representatives are continuing to consider a range of solutions. Double yellow lines and a trial one-way system will now be introduced to see if these measures can help.

A spokesperson for Northumberland County Council said “It is anticipated, that the parking provided on the Braid will only be used in exceptionally busy times in the future. This will include Bank holidays and festivals. We are putting in a traffic regulation order to ease the flow of traffic in some locations and free up some on street parking places in High Street.”

Yellow lines and a one way system

The traffic regulation orders will include the introduction of double yellow lines, and the trialling of a one-way system along Coquet Street and Leazes Street, which will begin in mid November, and last for one year. The one way system will come into effect after the four week closure of part of Coquet St.

” It normally takes 4-6 weeks to implement a temporary order and our intention is to have it in place on or soon after the 17 November,” said the spokesperson.

“The one-way temporary order will be for 12 months and we will be seeking feedback prior to commencing any consultation on a permanent order.”

Councillor Ian Swithenbank, policy board member for streetcare and the environment said: “We are aware of the difficulties in Amble around parking and this summer we have tried to put temporary measures in place to try and alleviate the pressure.

“We are continuing to work with the town council, business representatives and other community leaders to explore all possibilities in an attempt to resolve these.”

Below: disgruntled locals took to Facebook to give their views on the summer parking schemes; parking on part of the Braid, and a Park & Ride

facebook screen grab parking comments bw
facebook screen grab parking comments 2 bw
braid-car-park-sign Park-and-Ride-sign-ind-est

 This article has been amended to include the commencement dates and duration of the one way system


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