Reports from our County councillors: Oct-Nov 14

Posted on 22nd October 2014 | in Community , Northumberland County Council

ROBERT ARCKLESS: I recently visited the site of the new build Council homes in Amble.  These are the first such homes since the completion of Dandsfield Square and Straffen Court in the late 1970s.  The quality of the development is obvious in terms of the size of rooms which will be available to tenants and they are also being built to a high specification.

It is clear that some existing residents have had to put up with all the upheaval that would be expected in a building site.  There have been very few complaints.  I am assured where complaints have been registered a response has been given.

I know that there were some issues about plant accessing the site having an impact on the estate; as a result of this new signs were put in place clearly directing site traffic.

The weather has been kind during the development and work is well in hand.  Completion is scheduled for late March 2015.

I am pleased to see a meeting arranged with Town Council members to consider issues such as allocation of tenancies.

Whatever the rumour mill might suggest this development was commissioned to meet a clearly identified housing need and I would fully expect that to be reflected in the allocations when the properties are available to let.

I am proud to have played a part in this development and that Amble was one of the first communities to benefit.  I am also proud that the first wave developments are in the north of the County; work is progressing on schemes elsewhere.

On the buses
For many years I have campaigned for more accessible buses on local routes.  I have received regular complaints about the state of some vehicles serving the Amble area and have had some horrendous experiences as a traveller myself.  I regularly make representations to the public transport team and to Arriva.  The company is due to introduce new accessible buses to the local fleet from September.  That will be very welcome!

Robert Arckless   Telephone: 01665 711938


JEFF WATSON: The Park and Ride scheme is finished for this season, in my opinion it was a total flop! Despite the best efforts of  myself, Craig Weir (Mayor) and other councillors, the County Council just did not get the signage right and it is no wonder that it had such poor results for the time it was operating.

I am not convinced that a Park and Ride scheme is something that would work in Amble but this last trial gives me no information that I can rely on to judge whether or not it would work if done properly.

Next year if we hold a further trial it will have to be done properly with better planning and signage or quite simply I will have nothing to do with it, as I hate to see a waste of money.

The WWI events staged by Amble Town Council were a credit to the town and we can all be proud of the way we honoured our local men and women who took part in that terrible conflict.

Unfortunately it would seem we can expect some further delays in the start of the Persimmons housing scheme as they now wish to have an access to the site from the Roundabout at the Southern edge of the Town and as this was not part of the original plans it will have to go back to the planners for approval, so this could take several weeks at least and makes me wonder if it will even get started this year.

It seems to me that Tesco and Persimmons with their ongoing delays are in danger of turning Amble into a never, never land!

Finally, The Braid experimental parking has caused a lot of concern amongst a few residents of the Town and a lot of rumour and incorrect statements, so here are a few points that might help people understand the situation.

• The Braid is the Village Green of Warkworth; it is in the Parish of Warkworth.
• The parking experiment was in a small corner of the area near to the fence of the Marina and certainly not the whole area.
• The parking area used was away from the Gut and wild life.
• The ground is judged to be very firm as the area was previously a tip.
• If it was ever decided to go ahead with a scheme in the area then obviously a full site investigation and consultation would take place.
• This experiment was conducted by NCC in conjunction with the Town Council. The Business Club, Amble Development Trust and others were consultees.

Other traffic flow and parking issues in the Town are currently  being addressed and we should see some changes in the near future.
I hope this helps to answer some concerns, as ever I am available on:-
07802385367     Jeff Watson

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