Amble Links’ super scarecrows

Posted on 22nd December 2014 | in Amble Links First School

On October 7 saw the annual scarecrow competition at Amble Links. As usual the families came up trumps with some amazing scarecrows of all shapes, sizes and themes.

girl-and-scarecrow boy-and-minion-scarecrow

There was a prize for the favourite scarecrow from each class. One of the winners, a Mr Heeley scarecrow, also managed to lead part of assembly; much to the children’s amazement!

children-on-balance-bikesThis month, we’ve also been really pleased to receive four balance bikes and helmets for our youngest children to use in our Foundation Stage outdoor area.

These were kindly purchased by our PTA who raised money throughout the year through discos, film nights, quizzes and other events.

Paul Heeley
Headmaster, Amble Links School