Amble Town Council: Nov-Dec 2014

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Meetings 6.30p.m. unless stated otherwise.
Town: 11th December (Fourways 2), 8th January    Amenities Committee: 27th November (Council Meeting Room)


Amble is an old town with a narrow centre built long before the volume of traffic we see today – finding land and then carrying out negotiations with owners regarding a permanent large car park is proving quite difficult but attempts carry on; meanwhile a Park and Ride and Temporary Parking Area were tried. We all realise that there were problems with these and the comments will be looked at when the ideas are reviewed early in the new year.

New traffic regulations are in place and it is hoped that the relaxation of restrictions on Queen Street will help both with parking and traffic movement – but don’t park in the loading bays! The experimental one way system will soon be in place – we all know about the traffic congestion along Leazes Street, especially at weekends, and the worry that emergency vehicles won’t be able to get through. This is an attempt to try and ease those problems – it may also help with parking along there. To aid traffic flow, Lawson Street and George Street have been included.

There will be some initial confusion and frustration; it may not be right straight away; but it is flexible so that it can be amended over the next year before public consultation on whether to make it permanent.


Christmas is firmly fixed in our minds now with the wonderful Procession and Lights Switch on. Although now under the Council’s ‘umbrella’ this could not take place without lots of hard work by many organisations and individuals – it’s not just those who you see on the day, but those whose efforts for weeks beforehand get everything organised and in place for the day.

Too many to name individually lest someone is forgotten – but many, many thanks to you all.

Preparations are already underway for next year’s Puffin Festival starting on May 25th. We are always on the lookout for new ideas for talks, events, activities etc. so if you’ve got something you think would fit in, come along and get it booked into the programme early. Not only are fresh ideas welcome, but offers of help too as there’s always plenty to do especially on the opening day and the following weekend.


What a difference a few months make! All those who took over the beds earlier in the year have already been rewarded with decent crops. The site itself no longer looks neglected although it’s a hard job keeping the weeds down on the uneven surface. Most people are now clearing out their bed for the winter weather to work on the soil. If you would struggle to manage a full allotment but, despite your physical problems, still want to grow a few tasty vegetables or some fruit, put your name down at the Town Council office for a raised bed at the West Allotment site.

The walkway from West Avenue to the centre of the West Allotment site has been deteriorating for a number of years and has been eroded too by the weather. It is used not only by Allotment tenants but many people taking a shortcut to the bottom of the Wynd and the Braid. With help from the Allotment Society, the council is carrying out some repairs to improve it.

Whilst not all the walkways will be done, we hope doing this main entry will help everyone who uses the area. It would also be greatly improved if all the dog owners, not just the responsible few, would pick up after their dogs – there are bins at the bottom of the Wynd and along West Avenue for the waste.


With the removal of the wall, this area can now be improved in the spring. The old cracked hardstand will be removed and replaced; the notice board will be moved nearer to the footpath to make viewing easier; a new seat and litterbin will be installed; the central bedding area and new borders will be planted. This will then once again become a lovely little garden at the entrance to our main shopping area where you can sit and chat or just ‘watch the world go by’.


Wow! At long last after many, many months of negotiations between NCC and Tesco management, the old buildings have been demolished. Tesco’s reluctance to do this before building work began – their normal practice – has been overcome by the urgency of the possible safety aspects. Although we are all pleased to see the ‘new’ look, we are equally sure that many people would prefer to see construction begin but in the present business circumstances that seems unlikely for some time in the future. Let’s hope all the exciting things happening here make them reconsider the timeframe as a new store will create more jobs which are needed.

Councillor Craig Weir (Mayor)

Another year gone and what a year for Amble! So much has happened and we look towards next year with more to come.

Amble has held some great events in 2014, including the WW1 commemoration and the Puffin Festival. More restaurants, shops and the start of the Harbour Village – all good for the image of the town – bringing with them jobs and an increase to the economy.

Next year will hopefully see work start in the Paddlers area and new build houses at Mark’s Bridge, the completion of new apartments at Coble Quay, the new work at Coquet Yacht Club and the Shorebase Trust.
All this and much more – all beneficial to Amble and the community. Let us all look towards the future together.

On behalf of the Council, I would like to wish you all a Happy Xmas and a prosperous New Year.







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