Pennies collected for mosquito nets

Posted on 22nd December 2014 | in Community

church-mosquito-netsSt Cuthbert’s Junior Church in Amble has been very busy collecting pennies for mosquito nets.

St Cuthbert’s PCC’s chosen charity is the Myanmar (Burma) Health Worker Training Programme run by the United Society, and we are already busy raising money for this worth while cause by selling our recently launched cookery books.

The money Junior Church has collected will be specifically used to buy mosquito nets for use in the villages in Myanmar. These nets will be an invaluable help to combat the battle against malaria, and other tropical diseases, faced by the people there.

The money raised was £82.59 and we would like to say well done to everyone in Junior Church who helped make this possible and a big “well done” to the youngsters!

The picture was taken at our recent Café Church service, and unfortunately not all the young people from Junior Church were there, so a big well done to them too!

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