Big steps towards Paddlers makeover

Posted on 04th March 2015 | in Amble Town Council , Community

Amble Town Councillors Robert Arckless and Craig Weir at the Paddlers play area.

Amble Town Councillors Robert Arckless and Craig Weir at the Paddlers play area.

At a recent town council meeting it was agreed to grant £20,000 towards the Paddlers renovation. Members have been considering innovative plans for the Paddlers play area which has fallen into a state of disrepair over many years.

The project has already secured £20,000 from Northumberland County Council and £30,000 from the Small Schemes allowances of Councillor Robert Arckless and Councillor Jeff Watson. This amount is set to be matched by NCC from its parks and green spaces capital projects programme.

Craig Weir, Mayor of Amble, said that he was “very pleased that the hard work carried out by the Town Council, and in partnership with Northumberland County Council has reached this stage. The proposed work will be an asset to Amble and bring great pleasure to all who use it in the future”.

“I am using my full year’s allocation of funds to support this exciting project,” said Jeff Watson. “It seems to me to be very appropriate to breathe new life into the Paddlers and give a recreation facility that young and old can enjoy.”

“I remember playing at the Paddlers as a boy.” said Robert Arckless. “I am delighted to support this project which will give the same chance to youngsters in the future. I welcome the staunch support of the County Council and Amble Town Council who have worked in partnership to make the scheme a reality.”

As well as the new water feature, the paddling pool area will be landscaped, footpaths and entrances improved, and outdoor table tennis and gym equipment installed. Tenders will be invited for the work in the next few weeks.

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