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Posted on 24th March 2015 | in Letters & Email

Access-WayPublic access way – your replies
In response to the reader’s letter (Is this a public access way? Letters Issue 90) in which a photograph of an old blocked off access way at the west cemetery is queried. I have looked at the definitive map of public rights of way, which is available to members of the public to view for free on the County Council’s web site at:
There is no recorded public right of way (e.g. a public footpath or a bridleway) existing at this point between the cemetery and Mariner’s view, and it is possible that this could be an old private access between the cemetery and the adjacent field. However it may be possible to claim that a public right of way exists if there is good historical or user evidence of this route being used as a public path.
Tony Derbyshire, Area Countryside Officer,
Northumberland County Council

Regarding the right of way letter, that has never been a right of way out of Mariner’s View. Until recently that field was used for grazing and the access was used to get feed in and out. If you look at a high definition Ordinance Survey map, you can see there is no public right of way.
Martin Horn Mariners View, Amble

Having recently received my copy of The Ambler, as Amble Town Council have a policy of non response to anonymous letters, I would like to personally give the requested information to the writer of the letter regarding the gate at Amble West Cemetery.
The field beyond this gate was part of the Cemetery land until some 10 years ago when this area became part of a land swap for the land which is currently the Natural Burial area and future interment site.
The gate was in situ previous to this time solely to allow access to Cemetery staff for maintenance of the field area and has never been a public right of way or even a pedestrian access path at any time. (Those of us who can recall even further back may remember that the field was let for horse grazing for a number of years!).
After the land swap this gate was permanently closed as staff no longer had a need to use it when the maintenance became the responsibility of the new owner.
Regular visitors to the Cemetery and readers of the Council newsletter page in The Ambler, will be aware that the Cemetery is the responsibility of Amble Town Council whose Clerk is well versed in matters pertaining to the Council. By identifying yourself in a telephone call or email you can therefore be assured that most queries are answered quite quickly.
Helen Lewis, Amble via email

Charity bags adding to landfill

I wondered if, like us, other residents of Amble have been (and are) inundated with plastic charity bags coming through the letterbox!
First let me assure you we are a charitable family and donate through the year to charities of our choice, but cannot believe the quantity of plastic arriving. So much so that on January 1st 2014 we started counting, and at the end of December 2014 the grand total was 65 bags. Over 1 per week and impossible for a normal household to contribute so the quantity of bags going to landfill must be staggering.
I will not get into the subject of are they legal or not. If supermarkets are charging for plastic bags to save pollution how can this waste be allowed??
Concerned, Amble via email

Looking for Thomas Anderson Stewart

I wonder if you can help. I’ve been researching my family tree for almost 40 years, but there’s one person I cannot find beyond 1915, my great-grandfather Thomas Anderson Stewart. Thomas was born in Hauxley in 1880, lived on Broomhill St until he married in 1908, then lived on Lime St. Between 1914 and 1915 he is listed living in Victoria St. Other than census returns (especially for 1911), the electoral register for 1914/15, and his younger son’s death certificate showing Thomas enlisted 7th Bn. Northumberland Fusiliers, the only record I have is in the June 1914 Morpeth Herald & Reporter reporting his arrest on Coquet St, for being drunk and disorderly! After 1915 Thomas vanishes.
The MoD have no record, he was awarded no medals, and he has no death certificate. If Thomas was still alive I’d find him in the Guinness Book of Records. Any information as to Thomas would be gratefully received. Thank you.
John Stewart Hillam
via Facebook

Thank you for helping with our lights

Another festive Christmas lights season has now come to an end and judging by so many favourable comments from both local and visiting people, I think we can consider it to have been a great success.
The efforts of the lights workshop team have paid off once again and I know this is greatly appreciated by so many in the town. It is not just our efforts that need to be recognised though. There are so many other people both locally and further afield that make a huge contribution towards both the lights and the associated lantern parade. One without the other would definitely lead to a poorer show. As always, on the night of the switch on, the atmosphere in the town was fantastic and it is so rewarding for us to see so many families taking part.
But of course, the “Christmas Lights” would not exist without the financial support we receive from so many in and around the town. While it is not possible to name every contributor, may I give a big round of thanks in the following way. To Amble Town Council, all the many shops and businesses, restaurants, pubs, Amble Development Trust, Churches, Rotary Club, Thursday Club, the market traders and not least the many individual townspeople who have contributed: We offer you all our heartfelt thanks and I apologise if I have missed someone out!
The workshop team have no intention of resting on their laurels, so in the next few weeks we shall return to the workshop and begin renewal and repair work in order to make ready for the lighting displays 2015/16. While on the subject of the workshop team, may I make a plea to anyone out there who may wish to help in some way. Obviously, people with electrical skills are always needed, but we have a real need for men, happy to work up ladders. We usually meet up on Wednesday mornings and it seems to work out best for newly retired folk. If interested, please call me on 01665 711453.
Once more, on behalf of the entire Amble Christmas Lights team, I thank you all and wish you well for 2015.
Trevor Colbourne,
Chairman, Amble Christmas Lights Committee

Pick up your dog’s mess

Plea to all Amble dog owners and minders- You are making the footpaths and the cuts on the housing estates into disgusting places by failing to clean up after your dogs – a simple task and there are plenty of bins around the town.
It is impossible to walk along the various cuts and some of the town footpaths at night without bringing dog dirt into my home and onto my carpets. Quite frankly I find this disgusting in this day and age.
Come on Amble dog owners and minders you are getting worse not better. Pull your socks up please- it is a fineable offence.

Name and address withheld


More donations please

Thank you to all those who have donated items for recycling for charity. We collect all year round and would be grateful for any further donations
We recycle the following – usable clothes (or clean material), duvets, quilts, pillows, sheets, curtains, leather shoes, mobile phones, ink cartridges, postage stamps, old coins (of any kind), watches, jewellery, spectacles, CDs, vinyl records, DVDs, working televisions and HiFi
If you wish to donate, please do so to Evelyn at 21 Newmoor Close, Amble or Janice at Treetops, Station Road, Warkworth. Please telephone 712 579 or 714 758 if collection is required or if donating bulky items.

Janice Charlton, James Cox,
Evelyn and Michelle Dodd

Charities for 2014-5: https://sites.google.com/site/recyclingwarkworth/

Shannon lifeboat appeal

The Co-operative stores in Amble – Newburgh Street and Queen Street have come up trumps yet again by raising the fantastic sum of £1005 for Amble Lifeboat Fundraisers (ALF). Elise Rutter, Newburgh Street, handed the money to Eleanor Cassidy, Vice Chairman ALF. Staff in both stores have been great supporters of ALF for several years and have worked hard to raise this money – a very big THANK YOU to all.
Amble Lifeboat Station is due to receive a new ‘Shannon’ Class Lifeboat in July 2017 and £200,000 needs to be raised. This donation will go into the ‘Shannon’ Lifeboat Appeal fund.

Eleanor Cassidy, Amble Lifeboat Fundraisers

Amble Lifeboat Fundraisers’ Coffee Mornings and events
Sunday 15 March: Coffee Morning at Lifeboat Station 10am
Saturday 4 April: Car Boot Sale for Shannon Lifeboat Appeal
Sunday 5 April: Coffee Morning at Lifeboat Station 10am

Cancer – thank you Amble

On the 17th December, at the Freeman Hospital, I was told that the tumour in my gullet had gone and so had the one on my right lymph gland: I was completely free of cancer. It was a wonderful Christmas present for me and the family.
But it was also a humbling experience to recall just how many people had worked to produce this result. From the front-line staff at the Amble Health Centre and Dr Matthew Pettifer to the Northern Centre for cancer care at the Freeman Hospital, via Outpatient Oncology Ward, the Clinic and the staff of the Palliative Care Ward all at the Wansbeck Hospital; the Royal Victoria Infirmary and the multidiscipline diagnostic team who identified the problem and the best treatment, the teamwork was remarkable. Finally, under the direction of my Consultant, Clinical Oncologist Dr Paula Mulvenna MRCP FRCA, a treatment plan was chosen and implemented and was successful.
Not only the teamwork, but the individual care I received, from all those who dealt with me, whatever their job, was impressive. I felt that my well-being mattered to each of them.
I think that here in Amble we are incredibly lucky to have such a fine example of the National Health Service within such comparatively easy reach. But it needs vigilance on our part to keep it that way. Read between the lines of all the leaflets coming through your letterbox in the next week or two to help you identify those who don’t agree.
Yours sincerely
Ian Hinson, Eastgarth Avenue, Amble

Raffle thanks

A big thanks to all who donated prizes for the Christmas Lights raffle.
Derek and Susan – The Schooner
Susanne – The Harbour Inn
Bede Street Club
Amble Market
Neil Davison Windows
David Stewart Aquarius Bathrooms
Mossman and Gilliard
Northern Structures
VG. Food Store
Amble Fishing Tackle Shop
Robert Thornton
David Dunn
Amble Scaffolding
Northern Partnership Training
Bev. Bell
John and Susan Kent.

A special thanks also to all who bought tickets which raised £714.00

Trevor Colbourne
Chairman, Amble Christmas Lights

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