Seafood Centre getting ready to open its doors

Posted on 22nd June 2015 | in Amble Harbour Village , Community , What's On

I’m sure by now many of you will have noticed the Seafood Centre building is now complete and the fencing is down.

The aim of the Northumberland Seafood Centre is to supply wholesale, retail and individual customers with fresh, local seafood caught off the Northumberland coast.

Regular seafood days will be held throughout the year where members of the public can come and buy seafood and a new ‘creel fish club’ is being set up.


Looking at the wide range of seafood caught by local fishermen

Creel Fish Club operates similarly to a veg box scheme where individuals pay a monthly subscription and sign up to weekly, twice monthly or once monthly orders of quality, fresh, seasonal
fish and seafood.

Members will have access to lots of different recipes and the opportunity to sign up to cookery demonstrations and fish preparation workshops.

The idea behind Creel Fish Club is to try and take the strain off overfished stocks, introduce
customers to new types of fish and seafood and help support our inshore fishing fleet.

The Northumberland Seafood Centre is big on freshness and what’s on offer will depend on what’s been caught by local fishermen.

Whilst fishermen set out on a daily basis to catch targeted species, they nearly always catch a percentage of additional, lesser-known species which are just as fresh, seasonal and tasty. By supporting the fishermen with a ‘whole catch’ ethos, the Northumberland Seafood Centre will be helping them remain sustainable.

To register your interest for Creel Fish Club go to . You can also ‘like’ them on FB; and or follow them on Twitter @Creelfishclub.

We’re having a second Northumberland Seafood Event with guest artisan food producers in the Seafood Centre in Amble on Friday 3rd July between 2pm and 6pm and Saturday 4th July between 10am and 4pm.

An array of local, fresh, tasty Northumberland seafood will be for sale, we’ll be dishing out mouth-watering recipes produced by local chefs and a professional filleter will be on site giving fish preparation tips and demonstrations.

Up to date information can be found on the Harbour Village website.

Helen Spark, Northumberland Seafood

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