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Posted on 15th October 2015 | in Community , Opinion

Save Lolita the Orca

I’m a 17 year old girl who has lived in Amble all my life. Recently I started a campaign to free a captive orca and I’ve made a link to it so you can check it out. This orca lives in Miami (I know it’s not Amble) but I thought if I could get my locals to sign my petition it would make a big difference. I understand everyone in Amble is fully aware of the Ambler and enjoy reading it which is why I thought this would be a good way to spread the message.
The whale’s name is Lolita and she has been living and performing in her illegal tank for over 40 years. If a small town like us could make the slightest difference to her release it would mean a great deal. A lot of celebrities are already boycotting orcas in captivity and over 700 people have signed my petition already but unfortunately it’s not enough.
All people have to do is go on the website and sign; it takes no more than two minutes.
Here is the link to my petition- https://www.change.org/p/freelolita-sign-to-send-her-home
If you could give it a read it would mean a lot to me, thank you for your time.

Beth Keen via email


Royal Navy old shipmates

Looking for old shipmates?
I think it’s a pretty safe bet to say that many readers would have served in the Royal Navy at some time or other. The older ones who saw service in the Second World War will no doubt have been recently casting their thoughts back to the end of the war with the commemorations around the country. Others will remember National Service, the younger still serving in our much reduced Royal Navy.
They will all be remembering the camaraderie and friendships formed at the time, wondering what happened to old Chalky White on H.M.S. Rustybucket.
Lots of the ships have Associations, full of their old shipmates and a new monthly service has recently started to help find all of the other ‘Old Chalkies’. This monthly service is totally FREE because it is all done by email.
Are you on the monthly mailing list? Nearly 400 are. Looking for someone? A good start is to meet up at a reunion. Get in next month’s emailing list. Get the latest news. Did you serve in the Electrical Branch in the Royal Navy? Exciting news coming up soon if you did!
R.N.Shipmates are having another reunion next April.
Interested? Send brief details to mike.crowe1@btinternet.com

Mike Crowe
RN Shipmates


Thanks to all from Audrey

Congratulations to Brian Foster, who won the quilt that I made and gave to RNLI to raise money. The quilt was raffled and raised £2,100, far more than the £1,000 we were aiming for.
Thank you to everybody who bought a ticket or tickets.

Audrey Jones
Ladbroke Street


MacMillan fundraising

Kayleigh Brown held a MacMillan Coffee Morning at Amble Youth Project on Saturday September 12 and despite the rain the community turned out and helped raise a humongous £824.60!
Kayleigh has worked very hard again this year and with the fantastic support and donations from local businesses and help from her family this great amount was raised. Well done Kayleigh. You should be very proud of yourself

Tracey Hinton
Amble Youth Project

Cromies pharmacy raised £1,430 for the Macmillan coffee morning. A big thank you to all who helped and supported the event. Our customers have been amazingly supportive and generous and it’s much appreciated. Thanks also to owner Mark Birding for his generous donation.

Alison Lowes
Cromies Pharmacy



For many years I’ve been forced to roam,
Trying to find a place called home.
At last my search is over,
I’m no longer a homeless rover.

Dolphin Court is where I reside,
I found a warmth and love inside.
Two young wardens they give their all,
Always helpful when residents call.

My neighbours friendly and kind,
The best people you could find.
Over the years old friends fade away,
We think of them most every day.

Norman Clay
Dolphin Court, Amble


We can see you

I am a resident on Panhaven Road. Like many residents I witness people walking their dogs on the links. Most are responsible dog owners who pick up and put their dog waste in the bins provided. But a minority of irresponsible dog owners still think it’s OK to leave the mess behind or think it looks good to put it in a bag and are too lazy to walk as far as the bins to dispose of it. I have seen people just drop the bags in the longer bits of grass when they think no one’s looking.
You know who you are. Don’t you realise children play on the links. People cross on the links. It’s not your back garden or a toilet for bags of dog poo. It’s there for all to use. So please; if you are one of those irresponsible dog owners who think a poo in a plastic bag will just rot away or that dog worms can’t make a child go blind, just open your door and let your dog out in your own garden. We residents on Panhaven Road have windows and we can see you.

Maggiemay via email


Christmas lights thanks

On behalf of the Amble Christmas lights committee, I would like to thank everyone who supported our recently held annual fund raising Tombola event.
We were supported by so many shops and businesses, restaurants and pubs and the Sunday market traders once again did us proud. Additional thanks must go to so many individual people in the town, neighbours, friends and our own families who supported us with gifts large and small for the table. On the day itself Peter and Bill, organisers for the Sunday market, gave their usual support and of course, we must not forget all the people both local and from further afield, who took a chance and paid their pounds.
By the end of the morning we raised £453 all of which will be put to good use for the lighting displays and all we have to do for upkeep and renewal. On behalf of the entire lights team I thank each and everyone of you. Your continued support is greatly valued.
This year the carnival parade and switch on will be on Sunday 22nd November 2015, we hope you and your families manage to attend the event and in the process have some fun!
Once again, we thank you all.

Trevor Colbourne,
Chairman, Amble Christmas lights



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