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Should we save the rocket post?

I walked past the old rocket post at Hauxley Point last week, which as you can see from the attalook out postched photo I took, is perilously close to be washed away by the sea.
Is there any plan to save it or relocate it further inland? It would be a shame for such a long lasting historic landmark to simply disappear, and the cost to reposition it a bit further inland would not be excessive.
Maybe a fund raising campaign could start in the Ambler?
Tom Lloyd via email

Ed: What do you think of Tom’s idea? Can any of our readers tell us about the history of the post?



Mariners View development fears

The last planning application for Mariner’s View and Gloster Hill, Amble, was not supported by Northumberland County Council. There were major sewage and water run off problems and they concluded the development would have an adverse effect on local properties.
The new application slightly reduces the number and location of houses but reduces the ‘affordable housing’ element of the plan.
However in December there were two flooding and sewage pollution incidents at the bottom of Gloster Hill. Northumberland Water believe there was a once in 31 year chance of flooding happening here and furthermore any improvements to the system would not be ‘cost effective’. So we face the problem of wading through or driving through toxic sewage, even before 48 new houses would add to the problem.
In addition the developers have told us that construction of a new site could take up to three years. This will mean heavy construction traffic would access the farm yard site up a narrow, dangerous road with a dangerous 90 degree bend. Construction traffic would also access the site through a small residential estate with narrow roads and poor visibility, causing serious safety and pollution issues for local residents.
We contend that this development has the most destructive implications of any development in the area and we will continue to oppose it.
John Bird Mariners View Amble


Recycling for Warkworth charity

Thank you very much as always to those who have donated items for recycling for charity
We can recycle the following – usable clothes, clean material, curtains, mobile phones, leather shoes, postage stamps, coins, watches, jewellery, spectacles, printer cartridges, CDs, vinyl records, DVDs, and working televisions or HiFi.
In addition we can accept bedding items such as blankets, sheets, pillows, cushions, sleeping bags, quilts, and duvets, (but not mattresses) and usable kitchen utensils (but not electrical appliances) – all of which are needed for refugee services at present
If you wish to donate, please do so to Janice at Treetops, Station Road, Warkworth but please telephone 714 758 if collection is required or if donating bulky items. Details of charities for 2016 are on https://sites.google.com/site/recyclingwarkworth/

Janice Charlton, James Cox, Evelyn and Michelle Dodd via email


Christmas Lights needs you!

Looking back over the Christmas lights season for 2015/16, I consider it to have been another successful period and judging by the positive comments, so do many others around the town. Thanks to all who took the time to give the feedback. Once again the switch on and the accompanying parade proved to be a big draw, with many people supporting the event. It was nice to see so many children enjoying the night along with parents and grandparents, it was a real family affair. Well done to all that turned out, there was a lovely atmosphere in the town.
Of course, events like this don’t just happen. There has to be a great deal of advance preparation, by too few people, from several organizations in the town. We are fortunate in Amble that most people in the town recognize and appreciate all that goes on.
The entire Christmas Lights team are busy throughout the year, not just in the run up to Christmas, everyone is really committed. The small, dedicated workshop team deserve special praise, working as they do most Wednesday mornings, sometimes on Sundays, always with good humour and often in cold, wet conditions. We also have several helpers, coming along when there is a greater amount of work to be tackled.
As with everything in life, the Christmas lights could not continue without financial support and every penny we raise is spent on maintaining, repairing and the making of new displays, also on essential overheads such as rent, insurance and electricity. We are all volunteers and I can assure everyone that no one expects or receives any recompense in any way, shape or form, nothing by way of expenses. That is the way it should be, and that is the way it is. Maintaining and improving the lighting displays can only be done with the support of local people, businesses, shops, pubs, clubs, churches, the Market Traders, the Town Council and so many individual people. On behalf of the Amble Christmas Lights committee, I wish to thank you all for your continued support.
Every year now, for several years in succession, I have made a plea for more volunteers, especially for the workforce in our workshop. Volunteers for the committee are also welcome. In the workshop we require people with a reasonable skill level when using their hands and tools, even better if you are happy working with wiring from basic level upwards, better still if you are a recently retired electrician.
In the past two years we have been using 12v DC circuitry, rope light and strip lighting so anyone interested in helping/learning with any of these areas, we need you! Experience has shown that people recently retired fit in well, (especially those from the building trade,) because we usually meet at the workshop on Wednesday mornings. Alongside the work there is always plenty of banter and laughs so we usually have fun. When working on the street, confidence with ladders is very useful.
The current workforce has had no new blood for more than two years, in fact we have lost two members in that same period. Currently our ages range from 66 to 79 and new blood is definitely required. In the not too distant future the situation will become critical and if we cannot maintain an acceptable level of help, then at some stage in the future the Christmas lights may cease to exist. I do not consider Amble to be a large town, but come on, there must be some suitable volunteers out there, Where are you? I can be contacted on 01665 711453.
On behalf of the Amble Christmas Lights team, I wish all readers a happy, healthy 2016.                                 Trevor Colbourne, chairman, Amble Christmas Lights


Car Wars (The Phantom Menace)

It’s Christmas time, the time of good cheer,
The street should be bustling this time of the year.
We have the street lights to brighten our moods
The people are busy buying their goods
We go to the shops with the best of intensions
Young folk, middle age folk and those on their pensions
So they park up their cars wherever they can
Do all their errands and get home, that’s the plan
While we always endeavour to support our high street
We have to contend with the menace on two feet
They prowl about wearing the black and the red
Filling the street user with a fear and a dread
They lurk on a corner, in a doorway, under an awning
Waiting to pounce on the cars without warning
Yes we all of know the foe that I mean
With a job that they relish, and they are ever so keen
They stick on a ticket and move on their +way
I wonder how many they issue a day
As I have said it’s the season of goodwill
We can all do without an extra parking fine bill
(Written Christmas 2015)
By Drifter 55, via email


Sabotage at Low Hauxley

We currently have a piece of land, which is garden land for sale in Low Hauxley, which is being marketed by a local Estate Agent. We have had a lot of interest in the plot, however after every viewing, there is a follow up from someone, in the village, which deliberately sabotages interest by making false claims and advises not to purchase the land for reasons which appear to be either selfish ones or self-motivated!
We have the deeds to this piece of land and are aware of what can and can’t be done with it!
I would rather this person, or persons came out of the shadows and dealt with me directly and started to mind their own business!
If anyone knows anything about this, please contact me.
Peter Lowes, Peter.lowes856@btinternet.com


Sea and Soil’s home made treat

It was my 60th birthday on 11th January and I really wanted to have my birthday lunch in Sea and Soil (previously named Seasalt)
However they were closed for refurbishment and seeing my disappointment when I wanted to book in November for the big day, Jonny the chef said he would come to my home in Amble and cook for me there.
Well what a fantastic lunch I had with my 7 guests, having a superb party in the comfort of my own home with no cooking or washing up
We chose the menu between us, and Jonny and Julie served the delicious 3 courses, plus a wee treat from the chef before the desserts.
I can whole heartedly recommend Jonny and Julie to provide a stunning epicurean experience in your own home and to equal the quality and service of the food in Sea and Soil.
Thank you.
Claire Peiffer, via email


Xmas Lights Bottle raffle

The committee of Amble Christmas Lights would like to thank the following for their support for the bottle raffle,
Derek and Susan at the Schooner Inn, Suzanne at the Harbour Inn, Wendy Baxter, window dresser, the Amble Angling Centre, Harbour Enterprise, Amble Bowling Club, N. Davison Windows, Northern Structures, Beck Ground Works, Northern Training Partnership, Lionheart Cleaning, Mossman and Gilliard, Amble Ind. Est. Car Wash, Aquarius Bathrooms, Amble (Bede St.) Club, VG Food Store, Amble Market, the Blue Bell, Bank House Stoves, Amble Scaffolding.
A total of £520 was raised by the venture.
Amble Christmas Lights Committee

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