New deli kitchen on Coble Quay

Posted on 24th June 2016 | in Business News , News


Johnny Bird giving a cookery demonstration at the Puffin Festival

Watch out for a new deli-kitchen, due to open soon as part of the Coble Quay developments. The exciting project will feature a delicatessen and a restaurant that will be run by Jonny and Julie Bird of Sea and Soil fame.

Chef Jonny told The Ambler: “The food will include light meals, open sandwiches, bagels and some specials. It won’t be a full-on restaurant like Sea and Soil, but we see it having a similar relaxed vibe. In the evening it will have a wine bar with British and European tapas.”

Julie explained the thoughts behind the new venture. “Many people who’ve been here say, ‘Wouldn’t it be nice if there was somewhere to go as a couple to have a drink and something light to eat. It will be interesting to see how it goes.”

The couple are keen to stress that the new project will complement existing offers in the town.

“We want to fill a gap we see as missing,” said Jonny. “We’ll be working with Charlie (Allonbert) who has the Cheese Pod at the Harbour Village. He’s come on board and his ideas will influence the deli, and ours the restaurant.”

With the prospect of up to 15 new jobs, including apprenticeships, for local people, hopes are high that the new deli-kitchen will open at the start of August.

“We’re excited,” said Jonny. “It’s going to be quite big – about 40 people inside and an outside space as well. Hopefully it’ll be good for the area.”
Julie said “Amble has developed in so many ways. It’s one of these towns that adapts to what’s happening in the area, and in the world. I think the High Street will be different in a few years’ time. It will be interesting to see over the next five years how Amble will change.”
Anna Williams

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2 thoughts on "New deli kitchen on Coble Quay"

  1. Angela cole says:

    How can a person apply for a position with the deli/restaurant thats about to open?

    1. theambler says:

      Hi Angela, you will need to contact Sea and Soil.01665 713 569.

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