Positive pottery workshops

Posted on 17th February 2017 | in Adult/evening classes , Community

Rainbow Pottery Painting is launching a new arm to the business offering innovative workshops which use a mix of pottery painting and more traditional exercises to grow and develop people, encouraging creative thinking and problem solving.

Lorna Watkinson (l) is the owner of Rainbow Pottery Painting

Workshops are also being developed that are focused on improving mental wellbeing, using pottery painting as an activity that is stress reducing, provides an opportunity to learn a new skill and connects them to others.

Lorna Watkinson, who runs Rainbow Pottery Painting, said “There are three key benefits that pottery painting can offer to improve wellbeing.

“Firstly the experience of pottery painting is very relaxing, completely absorbing and reduces stress.
“Secondly is the sense of pride that all participants feel with their finished piece, whatever their age or ability. No artistic talent is needed to deliver fantastic results first time.

“Finally these pottery painting workshops offer an opportunity for participants to learn a new skill and explore their creativity, helping to boost confidence.”

She went on to say “Because pottery painting is such an absorbing activity, it is a naturally very mindful activity which means at the end of a session you feel refreshed and energised”.

If you would like to find out more about these workshops please contact Lorna on 07788779711 or info@rainbowpotterypainting.co.uk

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