Trust Life: Lobsters, elections and Welfare update

Posted on 21st August 2017 | in Community

Welcome back to Trust Life and so quickly, or so it seems!
At the time of writing we have just hosted the Young Citizens Award, an initiative originally set up by Darin Fawcett to celebrate good acts by the young people of the town.

Each of the first schools nominates a pupil who they think merits recognition.
Sadly this year Darin hasn’t been too well and was unable to attend what is the seventh celebration of our young people. However he did see the nominations which made him proud, each one being deserving of an award.

Special thanks must go to everyone who supports the event; from donation of presents, celebration cake, attending, organising and photographing the event and of course the parent and teachers of these young students who also deserve recognition. It truly is one of the highlights of the year and a paper hankie always comes in useful!

Lobster Hatchery
Our baby lobsters are doing well, with the second batch recently despatched to the sea.
We had hoped to have the interpretation panels installed by now, but this has taken longer than anticipated (don’t things always). However the design and details have been agreed, now we await their production and installation. So please keep your eyes open for Laura Lobster if you are passing!

Local elections
Following on from the local elections and the change in administration, we are still waiting for clarification on investment in Amble.
We have been informed by the CEO of Arch that most of the Amble projects are under review, however information from our conservative councillor looks more promising, but for the time being we can only keep our fingers crossed.

Welfare update
While I offer updates in every Ambler, it seems there is still some misunderstanding of what the allocation of funds were for work through the Persimmon money.
So for the avoidance of doubt; the original agreement when the Trust took ownership of the Welfare, was that £250k was agreed to complete work to the football pitches, upgrade of the pavilion, children’s play area and MUGAs (multiuse games area).

Because work on the Persimmon site was taking a long time to commence, the Trust found grants from other funders to complete the MUGAs, childrens play area and do some work to the pavilion.

Obviously the skateboard park is there as well, but that was not included in the original plan.
In the meantime the Trust secured an additional £200k from Persimmon with agreement from them and NCC, that the Trust would complete the planned Welfare work, and create affordable housing for the community.

There was never £450k for the Welfare, which appears to be the rumour – I can assure you that is pure fabrication! NCC have never specified a split of funds between the projects, merely that both were to be completed, and while it is taking longer to achieve both aims, be assured they will happen.

Enjoy the sunshine.
Julia and Trust staff

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