Water testing to take place at Hauxley

Posted on 21st August 2017 | in Community , Hauxley Parish Council

The Coal Authority has been granted permission to undertake a pumping test to investigate and assess water levels in the Hauxley area.

A temporary pump will be used to pump water from an existing borehole and it will be discharged via an existing outfall at the beach near to Low Hauxley.

It is expected that this work will take place between August and October.

On an information board at the water outlet, the authority says: “Underground coal mining in the area between Amble and Red Row ceased over 50 years ago. However, the area was also subject to surface coal mining for many years, where the groundwater was artificially lowered by the mine operators pumping water so they could extract the coal. when the surface mining ceased about 10 years ago the private mining companies turned off the pumps at High Hauxley and the water began returning to its natural rest levels.”

A spokesperson for the Coal Authority, said: “During this pumping test all works will be safely carried out by competent persons and in accordance with all conditions set out in the permissions.

location of borehole at Hauxley

“After the pumping test is finished, our experts will analyse the data that is collected.

“As these works take place, the Coal Authority and its contractors will endeavour to minimise disruption for local residents and people who use the area as much as possible.”

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SEPT 2017: This article has been updated to include video footage of the water, and the information sign.

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