World expert on diabetes to give talk in Amble

Posted on 14th January 2019 | in Community

A world leading expert on Type 2 Diabetes will be giving a talk in Amble later this month.

Prof Roy Taylor

Professor Roy Taylor from Newcastle University’s department of Medicine and Metabolism, is famous for his research into how a very low calorie diet can reverse diabetes, even for those who have had the condition for many years.

The talk is free and is open to anyone – especially diabetics. It will take place on Thursday 24 January 2019 at 2.30pm in Sacred Heart & St Cuthbert’s Church Hall, High St Amble NE65 0LE



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2 thoughts on "World expert on diabetes to give talk in Amble"

  1. Carys Thomas says:

    Will be coming to the talk! Diabetic for 10 years and lost 2 stone last year with the blood sugar diet based on Roy Taylor’s research. All diabetics should do it!

  2. Liz Thornton says:

    Been diagnosed almost 20 years. Severe back pain over 39 years impacts on this. Not grossly obese. However when i asked my diabetologist about this diet he was dismissive.!!!!!

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