Spotlight on… Northumberland Astronomical Society (NASTRO)

Posted on 18th February 2019 | in Clubs + Societies , Community , Leisure

This month we do a spot of stargazing with NASTRO

When and where do you meet?
Second and last Thursday of each month at 7.30pm, at the Wildlife Discovery Centre, Hauxley Nature Reserve.

What do you do in your club?
We meet and talk about astronomy! If the sky is clear we bring telescopes and hold observing sessions. Talks are provided by both members and visitors from local universities and other astronomy clubs. The focal point of observing evenings is the Observatory; it houses our computerised 14 inch telescope. The telescope can be used for visual observing, for astrophotography and we can beam live images to the Discovery Centre classroom during presentations!

Is there an age range?
All ages are welcome. Children must be accompanied by adults but there are no age limits.

Is there a charge?

Membership rates are given on the club website. Attending meetings on an ad-hoc basis is £3 per person. Membership has benefits which include invitations to observing evenings and equipment loan.

How long has it been running?
The club has been running since 2000. It was founded because there were no astronomy clubs in Northumberland until that point! One of the main goals of NASTRO is to promote science and astronomy in the local community. We hold a number of free, public outreach events throughout Northumberland every year. When the weather co-operates – we aim to show the public some incredible views of stars, planets and galaxies through our telescopes!

Who might be interested in joining your club?
Anyone is welcome to join NASTRO. You don’t need to own a telescope! If you’re thinking of buying a telescope, this is a good place to come and see different types in action before you decide. Northumberland nights tend to be cold or freezing, so warm clothing is a necessity for observing sessions. Red light torches are useful at observing sessions.

What’s the best thing about your club?
Our members come from all walks of life and all ages. We’re a friendly bunch and united by a love of astronomy. Always keen to show everyone the night sky through our telescopes!

Who runs the club? How do I get in touch?
The club is run by a committee. The best way to contact us is via the Contact Form on our website:

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