New book parodies Bible story

Posted on 18th April 2019 | in News , Opinion , What's On

Amble author JR Eldridge parodies Bible stories in his new book: The MisreadBible: Genesis.
Drawing from his fascination with religion and mythology, Eldridge takes the reader on a journey from the creation of the universe by a lonely deity living in his mother’s basement, to the arrival of the Israelites in Egypt, in this blasphemously funny collection.
The book contains language and themes that some may find offensive.
Eldridge said “Comedy has always been a big part of my life, and I’m always amazed at how comedians can make some of the most poignant points whilst also being thoroughly entertaining.
“I encourage the reader to look up the original verses to see how much of the absurdity comes from my warped imagination, and how much comes from the original stories.”
The MisreadBible: Genesis is available in both paperback and ebook from and from Amazon.

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