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Posted on 10th June 2019 | in Community

We all know a high street with fresh produce allows you to shop according to need; avoiding waste.  In Amble, you don’t even have to cook due to the variety of cafes. Those providing loyalty cards are essential to the pockets of us locals and regulars.   Even Strands card shop has a loyalty card.

Adam from the Independent Food and Drink shop on Queen Street

But still Amble businesses go further.  I have seen paper bags introduced in nearly all shops, also reusable/biodegradable straws in cafes.  Antique and charity shops, which by their nature promote reusing, also provide paper bags. This will cost businesses to change suppliers, but they have.

I have tried to help out by creating my own makeshift newspaper/magazine pouches to save theirs, and also to keep the inside of ‘multiple use’ canvas shopping bags clean and hygienic.

The Independent Fruit and Drink store also go one step further and take the plastic packaging I remove from the produce, to not only dispose of, but Adam (pictured) is using the plastic Blueberry boxes to grow cress in!

There is always another use for most things before being recycled or thrown out.  A way of thinking many of the older generation will already know, before we were encouraged to be lazy and throw away.

Thank you to businesses such as Kayleigh’s Kitchen and Circa (yes I do class this, The Artique, and the Harbour as part of Amble High street), for letting me use my own paper pouches when taking away cake and scones.

Edie Pebble at the pods creates their own beautifully hand sewn gift bags out of pages of books, and they also have spoken to a supplier to remove plastic ties on labels and replace with string. The supplier has said yes and will do so over the next year.

Sweets and Treats have provided crisp packet recycling space and Angie’s Tavern next door have supplied many.  A successful joined up approach!

In Amble, the ‘make do and mend spirit’ is coupled with the spirit of friendliness (applying to all businesses not just those mentioned above).  People and planet care is alive and well in our high street; long may we all keep it going.

Susan Thompson

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