Coble heritage day

Posted on 26th July 2019 | in Community , What's On

Sunday 11 August

Amble Harbour Village is hosting ‘Coble Heritage Day’ on Sunday 11 August. We are looking to have visiting cobles from around our local coasts that were once part of our fishing fleet. They were a unique design  up and down our coast from Whithernsea to Berwick. Many of these boats were built at Harrisons boatyard here in Amble.


Silver Quest coble in Amble.

These rather sleek looking fishing boats are now in decline and some are just rotting away in garden and storage areas. We are looking to having both seaworthy and non-seaworthy exhibits to create a display for the public to see and appreciate the old fishing ways. Seaworthy ones will hopefully be found in the Dock while those non-seaworthy ones will be displayed as static models on Radcliffe Quay.

Your help could be essential in making our day a success. If you know someone who would like to display their coble, seaworthy or non-seaworthy, please contact Bart Rippon by phone on 07964171457 or 01665 713580  or by email

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One thought on "Coble heritage day"

  1. John Archbold says:

    I have a Amble built coble and would love to bring it along,
    It was built in 1957 and was called Rodney Alwyn when it was first built.
    If you could let me know if you would like me to bring it along, my mobi!e number is 07850489605
    Mary thanks

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