Tamsin wins world championship for the fourth time

Posted on 05th August 2019 | in Community

Congratulations to Tamsin Green for becoming the womens’ surf kayak world champion for the fourth time. Tamsin competed in the bi-annual championships, held this year in Peru. She brought home a haul of awards; the world championship in the women’s Short Boat category, world champion in both the Women’s Masters Short Boat and Long Boat categories, and fourth in the women’s Long Boat category.

She told The Ambler: “I am delighted to win the Short Boat World Championships again, in very tough conditions against a lot of exceptional paddlers.”

Tamsin Green at the 2019 Surf Kayak World Championships in Peru

And on Facebook, Tamsin described her feelings of pride in the sport, and especially the increase in status of the women’s competition.

Tamsin with her 2019 awards

“It means so much to have won the Short boat title again and for the first time to have Women’s masters and more importantly Junior girls recognised properly for the first time. I competed at my first Worlds in 2007 and I am proud to say the standard of women’s surfing has gone through the roof since then. No longer are we a side show to the men. We compete equally well in the same conditions. Something we all should be proud of.

I have said every year it will be my last Worlds since 2009 but yet I still return. It is as much to see old friends and meet new ones as for the competition.

Winning is truly amazing but I never lose sight of the fact that losing or fighting for a win teaches you far more about yourself and makes you better and stronger.

Every single woman in this championship set a goal and win or lose I suspect everyone will look back and have something to be proud of.

I am SO proud to have met and surfed with you all. Thank you x

Dan and Tamsin Green at the 2019 Surf Kayak world championships in Peru

Lastly a huge thanks to Reed Chillcheater, Peak UK and North East Kayaks for helping sort out our kit with only a week to go before the comp. Next time I will be more organised!”

Tamsin was also very proud of her husband Dan Green’s third place win in the men’s master’s category . “I am also so pleased Dan came third in the Masters long boat event. It was a massive achievement.


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