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Posted on 28th November 2019 | in Community

Barbara Frater and Caroline Bradshaw

Everyone’s heard the phrase “man’s best friend” and will instantly think of a pet dog. But not everyone has the luxury of a canine companion, perhaps due to other commitments, extended travel plans or the simple cost of owning and caring for a dog. Many studies show that caring for a dog is beneficial to our health and wellbeing and improves the frequency of social interactions.
With that in mind, a local dog sitting service thinks they have come up with the answer. Barking Mad, ‘dog holiday experts’, are offering their service to people from across Northumberland who are looking to share their lives, on a temporary basis, to host a pet dog while its owners are away on holiday or business.
Barbara Frater and Caroline Bradshaw of Barking Mad Northumberland say: “We have a family of wonderful hosts and we regularly meet up socially at organized events.”.
Hosts have varied life styles but all experience the benefits of dog companionship without any of the emotional or financial responsibilities of full-time pet ownership.

Retired professionals, Joyce and Conrad have been hosting for Barking Mad for over two years. Their reason is that they are dog lovers, but spend long periods with family members who live on the other side of the world. Barking Mad enables Joyce and Conrad to enjoy all the great things about having a dog, with none of the worries. Sarah, an artist who works from home and hosts for Barking Mad, said: “I’ve enjoyed the companionship, exercise and everything else that comes with dog sitting. Caring for a friendly dog not only provides canine cuddles but also the motivation to step away from your e.mails and take a walk at lunchtime. It’s brought bundles of furry joy into my home, and I always want to give them the best holiday full of walks and playtime”
To find out more about becoming a Barking Mad host, you can call Barbara or Caroline on 01665 575981 or visit

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