Library consultation needs you

Posted on 15th January 2020 | in Community , Northumberland County Council


A 12 week consultation to shape the future of Northumberland Library Service is underway until 16th March 2020.

Do you want your library to join the 600+ throughout the country which have been affected  variously by reduced opening hours, staff losses, farmed out to other services or volunteers, or closed down.

Complete the questionnaire at or by picking up a paper copy from your library. 

There is also a programme of drop in events being held around library service points.

                                AMBLE LIBRARY – Wednesday 22 January   2 – 6pm 

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5 thoughts on "Library consultation needs you"

  1. Johnny Hardon says:

    We need our libraries, they serve the most needy and vulnerable in our communities, they are a gateway to betterment and an absolute cornerstone of civilisation. No brainer

  2. Jacqui Lee says:

    It’s a terrible link!?
    Wonder if this is deliberate!!! 😡
    Spent 10 mins doing it then it gave me this link to Library consultation is broken and went back to the beginning!!! Absolute joke.

  3. Beryl Holmes says:

    Absolutely – and instead of struggling to keep services going with volunteers, dwindling stock, starved of funds – look at the opportunities to expand & provide a full & free community service open to all ages & interests in the 21st century.

  4. Beryl Holmes says:

    Library consultation ??? A familiar pattern is emerging – in yesterday’s news Hampshire is also running a ‘consultation’ while already having plans in place to close 14 libraries & withdraw support from community based service points already publicised. Who are they fooling?

    Agreed link to site is hopeless, I have found it down several times.


    Over the last 7 years I have successfully started up two book groups where I live which are both very well attended.
    Our members look forward to receiving a book which has been chosen by the rest of the group each month.
    if it wasn’t for the wonderful library service these groups could not be held.
    I first joined a library at the age of 7 and have used the service ever since I am now 70 years young,

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