Corona Diary: Day 01

Posted on 21st March 2020 | in Blogs , Community , Corona Diary , Coronavirus

The diary of a student who is no longer in school, following what this new virus means for us.

It’s the first day without school, but at the moment it just feels like a normal weekend. No-one’s done much and I think we’re all trying to convince ourselves that it’s just because it’s a Saturday, not because almost everything is closed. 

The contrast between normal and new is disconcerting- it’s hard to figure out how much has changed. Waking up and reading a book: normal. Not going to my writing group because it’s had to be cancelled: new. Going for a run: normal. Not having any revision to do when I get back home: new. Every time I think things are ordinary, something happens to remind me that they’re not.

Bottles of milk from Hauxley Farm.

Our walk this afternoon was one of these reminders. Usually, we would get a bottle of milk from the high street, but today we walked out to Hauxley Farm to get our milk from the vending machine there, knowing that the shops were likely to be almost totally empty. It was scary to think that people were stockpiling food to the extent that they were queuing outside shops. People are terrified, and so they’re trying to prepare; this is understandable, even if 13 bulk packs of toilet rolls is slightly excessive.

However, there have been positives. Going to the local farm was something we hadn’t done before, and it helped us discover a much more eco-friendly way of getting a household essential. It’s a short walk from Amble and buying milk from a nearby place helps our local businesses, which is especially vital during uncertain times like these.

It’s hard to look for a silver lining to the chaos when the chaos has not yet fully hit us, however it’s good to know that there will always be one. In Venice, the canals are clear again. In China, pollution levels are falling rapidly. Things may not all be normal, but some new things that come from this virus could end up being for the better.

by Lily Tibbitts

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4 thoughts on "Corona Diary: Day 01"

  1. Beryl Holmes says:

    A good idea, it reminds us we are all facing the same crisis & not to let it completely obsess us.
    I have decided to keep a daily diary which I haven’t done for years. I am determined to find something uplifting in every day although I am self isolated & live alone.
    Thank you today for my friends & their kindness.
    I look forward to reading every day’s instalments Lily.

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