Hauxley plan needs your help

Posted on 15th June 2020 | in Hauxley Parish Council

Hauxley Parish Council are moving forward with the development of the Hauxley Neighbourhood Plan, an important step for us as we define the future direction for our Parish.

Hauxley Parish Council need your views on the new Neighbourhood Plan

The Neighbourhood Plan is being led by the Hauxley Parish Council however we really need valuable input from the community in order to ensure that the future plan fully represents the interests of those who live here. We are reconvening our Plan Steering Group and need volunteers to join us.

Councillor Dickon Howell commented ‘the preparation of the plan is an important opportunity in the history of the village for residents, land owners and organisations to define how we want the village to evolve over the next 20 years, and to do this effectively we need a broad representation of interests across the parish’.

To support this initiative we have recently appointed Jo-Anne Garrick Ltd as Planning Consultant. Jo-Anne has significant experience in a variety of senior planning roles in a range of public sector organisations and more recently in the private sector having undertaken a number of commissions providing Neighbourhood Planning support across the County.

Commenting on her appointment Jo-Anne said ‘I am looking forward to working with the parish council and local community to create a plan, with planning policies, which fully reflect the distinctiveness of the parish’.

Hauxley from the air. Image courtesy of Northumberland Sea Anglers, 2015

Hauxley Parish Council have also been successful in obtaining initial grant funding from the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government towards the preparation of the Neighbourhood Plan to the amount of £2,400; further funding applications will be submitted as the plan progresses.

If you are interested in joining the steering group please email the Parish Clerk at hauxleypc@gmail.com. There will be a maximum time commitment of one evening a month.

Elaine Brown
Clerk to Hauxley Parish Council

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