‘Covid quilt of connections’ community project

Posted on 06th August 2020 | in Community , Coronavirus

Dry Water Arts would love you to be part of our online quilting project and importantly there is no need to sew! Quilts and quilting are wonderful symbols of community, bringing together individual expression into a cohesive whole.

image from pixabay

For this project we would like you to:
1. Identify a piece of fabric that has meaning for you. It could be a favourite piece of clothing, a table cloth, a scarf, a blanket, a favourite T-shirt. Something where the fabric – its look, feel sparks associations/memories in you.

2. Take a photograph of your chosen fabric so that it fills the whole frame. Ideally we would like the photograph to be portrait not square. Or ask us to come and photograph it for you

3. Send the photograph to the Dry Water team at info@drywaterarts.uk or you can send by text message to 07542 141411 or send it on a Facebook message/messenger @drywaterarts

4. Please also send us the story behind your fabric just a few lines, you can email this or ring us and we can take notes.

Once you send us the image and your mini fabric story the Dry Water team will assemble the fabric memories together into an online quilt for the community to enjoy. You will be able to see each piece and also the story behind it in our online gallery.

Once we are allowed to open the Dry Water Arts Centre, the online virtual quilt will be transfer printed onto fabric, to form a living memory quilt brought together during Covid19, for and by the community both near and far.

Very important – If you know someone who you think would like to take part in the online quilt project but may find uploading their fabric image and story tricky, please contact us as we have a team able to give practical in person (socially distanced) support so that anyone who wants to be included can be.
www.drywaterarts.uk    info@drywaterarts.uk    Tel: 07542 141411

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