Warning to young cyclists

Posted on 01st October 2020 | in Community , Young People’s Activities

Time to gear up! – Warning to young cyclists in Amble after a number of concerns spotted by local officers.

Neighbourhood Officers in Amble are urging young people and their parents to take steps to keep them safe on the streets.
Patrolling officers have spotted youngsters out riding on busy roads and with very little high-visibility clothing and equipment.

Now Neighbourhood Officer PC Louise Bowlt has warned of the dangers and urged cyclists to take the time to gear up – it could save your life.

PC Bowlt said: “We’re seeing an increase in the use of push bikes amongst young people in Amble town centre.

“Whilst this is great for health and fitness, it can be very difficult for drivers to see cyclists if they are not wearing high-visibility gear or using lights on their bikes.

“The speed limit of 20 miles per hour on many of Amble’s town centre roads can help to give drivers more time to react but having lights on your bike is really important too.

“We urge parents to invest in lights for their children’s bikes and high-visibility clothing in order to keep them safe, and for young people to do the same with their own safety in mind.

“These small steps could save your life!”

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