Amble Town Council report: #124

Posted on 07th October 2020 | in Amble Town Council

All meetings at 6pm via Zoom until further notice – details on website
Town: 13th August, 10th September, 15th October

This thorny problem continues in our town which was built before so many vehicles were on the roads. Unfortunately there is no easy solution, although many have been suggested. The implementation of the one way system has helped slightly although we are often asked why not take it closer to the harbour area, to ease the congestion especially at weekends and why does it go that way. We must remember that our harbour is a working port and therefore large vehicles need access to it. To do this they must be able to go both ways along Harbour Road as many cannot manage the turn at the top of Broomhill Street. This also means that Ladbroke Street cannot be one way either.

After consulting with Highways, it was decided that the flow from the North needed to be into the town, down Queen Street towards the harbour area. There was a suggestion about extending this so that traffic from the South also took this same route making part of Albert Street one way but this would cause problems for public transport at the Bede Street corner and for through traffic trying to turn onto Bede Street at the junction with Church Street. The traffic flow is also restricted by parked vehicles being on both sides of some streets. Park and Ride was tried unsuccessfully; a new car park is being vigorously looked at.

We have become aware of some vehicles with ‘blue badges’ causing difficulties by parking on the yellow lines in Leazes Street and are addressing this with Highways to see if a solution can be found. There are difficulties with traffic flow in some other nearby streets but attempts to restrict parking to one side, even only at weekends, have not been possible. Can you suggest a different answer to the traffic problem but remember that there is a difficult balance to strike between our residents’ needs and wellbeing and visitors who the town relies on to stay viable and vibrant.

Unfortunately the problem of congestion will not go away while there are many physically able people who see their car as the only means to get from A to B and feel the need to be as close as possible to their destination.

We now have all our staff back working from the office They will be available to handle your queries between 10.30am and noon and again between 1pm and 2.30pm. We would hope that all your queries can be dealt with in this way while the Development Trust building remains closed to the general public. However if your query cannot be dealt with by email or over the telephone, then staff will arrange an appointment for you to come to the office. We ask for your understanding of, and co-operation with, the procedures in place for the prevention of the spread of Covid 19. Please do not attend if you have any symptoms or have been asked to isolate. You will be asked to wear a face covering and will be met at the agreed time at the outer door (at the top of the steps or ramp) and thus proceed to the office maintaining social distancing. During your visit you will be encouraged to use the hand sanitizer and expected to remain behind the screens. After your visit, you will be escorted back to the outer door so that staff can make the building secure. Please work with us to keep everyone as safe as possible.

It didn’t take long for this to rear its head as more people were able to get out and about. What a sad testimony on our society that some feel the need to blight our towns and countryside through their laziness. There cannot be many places the size of Amble who have such a vast number of litter bins in their central area, so there is really no excuse for not using them. While we supply them, NCC regularly empty them- more at weekends and Bank Holidays- yet still we see papers and take away packaging blowing about.

Having lived in Amble for over thirty years I have seen lots of changes, some good and some not so. The town is growing very quickly (some say too quickly) and the volume of traffic some days seems never ending. My own view is that visitors to the town must be respectful when parking as to where they leave their cars and in the manner in how they’re parked.
On a more positive note- during this lockdown there have been many voluntary groups and agencies who have carried out their excellent work keeping people safe both in body and mind. It would be unfair to single out a few for praise so I would like to thank them all including all the businesses who have provided essential foodstuffs throughout. Well done and keep up the good work. Amble needs you all!!
Cllr David Bewley

For a few months we have been holding these using the ‘Zoom’ platform. We have encountered problems but members are now getting more used to the way it works. We still sometimes have breaks in connectivity but are fortunate that Amble’s broadband offer is quite good. Some of the more remote areas of the county have not been able to carry on meeting due to the lack of this. Just as with the physical meetings, members of the public can take part and there are details with the agenda on our website. We are investigating venues for future physical meetings but these must be Covid 19 compliant and adhere to strict guidelines which we have been given. So to this it may be a while before we can ‘meet’ again but we do hope that the warning we have been given about being prepared to hold virtual meetings until May 2021 will not be the case. Meanwhile if you are not comfortable with this means of communication, please do take the opportunity to contact our staff or your local councillor with any queries you may have.

Haven’t the Dilston Terrace and Wynd planters been magnificent over the last few months? How their beautiful blooms have cheered us all when there were some dark days at the beginning of ‘lockdown’ and nade us smile in the weeks since.
What a wonderful way to thank all those who worked hard to help out, especially those working in the NHS. Thanks to the NCC operatives who helped to organise, plant and water these throughout.
Soon the local Rotary volunteers will be out on Rotary Way planting more purple crocus bulbs for us to admire in the Springtime. Warkworth and Amble councils were delighted to contribute.

Due to the present restrictions on gatherings we could not hold a ceremony to commemorate V.J. Day; however the exhortation was said before a silence then tributes were laid at both memorials before the Kohima exhortation at the end. At the moment we are told that our usual Remembrance morning ceremony cannot go ahead but hopefully that may change.


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