Reports from our County Councillors: #124

Posted on 15th October 2020 | in Northumberland County Council


Councillor Terry Clark

Anti social behaviour – Once again a minority is displaying disruptive behaviour on our high street especially during the weekend / late night.

I am aware of reports coming in of criminal and disorderly offences, this behaviour is disruptive to the community and causing difficulties on Queen Street for local businesses.

If you witness ASB or people causing disorder I urge you to make contact and report all of the relevant information to assist any future police investigation, you can call 101 these reports allow the police to build a picture of the problems being caused within our community and ensure the relevant action is being taken in a bid to prevent this behaviour from reoccurring.

Also NCC can deal with ASB, there is a dedicated community safety team who deal with –
• Anti social behaviour. • Neighbourhood Issues. • Neighbour disputes. • Vehicle disorder. • Noise problems.
Phone 0345 600 6400. Ask for public protection.
Let’s work together and takle this behaviour to ensure disruption to the community is prevented.
I am so proud of all Carers within our community. A massive thank you.
Carers are the bedrock on which a lot of health and social care sits their job is vital and requires skill, knowledge, and dedication to do it well and properly.

This pandemic has shown that they are essential and dedicated to what they do on the frontline and expected to take the risk giving care, genuinely giving and providing a high standard of care for thier residents, and in order to do that they are experienced, dedicated staff.

Carers are required to work weekends, evening’s, public bank holidays including Christmas, New Year and Easter and they do not get paid any extra for doing this, yet they do it every day despite the risk to themselves and their families, they do it because they know how vital and important their job is and are passionate about what they do, they care deeply for those they have a duty of care towards and continue to show commitment, passion, towards the residents they care for.

When this crisis is over it is fairly obvious that health and social care workers deserve more than a medal. Especially all Carers in Northumberland.

We all appreciate your dedication and commitment.


Councillor Jeff Watson

I am delighted that at last we can see that a planning application has been entered for a new large car park at Turner Street in the centre of Amble. The problem of car parking in Amble has grown as the Town has increased in popularity as a tourist destination.

There is no doubt that for many residents in the area tourism has supplied a life line for them and created many jobs that were so badly needed after the shutdown of the main employer on the Industrial estate. Unfortunately, the success that the Amble tourist based business has had has raised other issues and placed strains on the infrastructure which have been apparent this summer especially with the Covid 19 factor thrown into the mix. This new proposal, when approved, will help alleviate traffic congestion and parking availability substantially, I welcome it.

I cannot make this report without referring to Covid 19 and its presence in our community, as I write this I know new measures are coming which are designed with only one purpose and that is to help prevent it’s spread and keep us all safe. I am sure some people will find the measures taken to be extremely hard to follow and some people will not like the restrictions, but they are only being advised or indeed imposed to protect us all.

We are as they say between a rock and a hard place, I for one would rather be careful of the health and lives of our residents than take any risks that are preventable.

Stay safe.

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