Hauxley Parish Council report #126

Posted on 03rd February 2021 | in Hauxley Parish Council

Hauxley Parish Neighbourhood Plan
The Neighbourhood Planning Steering Group are due to meet to discuss the built environment of the Hauxley Parish within the context of our neighbourhood plan, further meetings are hoped to take place in the coming months looking at natural environment and sustainable and cohesive community ahead of a further community consultation in early summer.

Precept 2021-22
The budget was agreed for the 2021-22 financial year and a precept request was levied to the County Council for the amount of £5,600.
This is a £1,600 increase on the 2020-21 precept in line with increased costs and an increased budget to fund the work of the Parish Council who have been working with an excess of expenditure over income for the last few years.

Highways Matters
County Highways had been approached to find out what measures could be taken independently of the Local Transport Plan 2021-22 to manage speeding in the Parish. Discussions are moving forward, including a potential visit to the Parish from a Highways Officer once current coronavirus restrictions are lifted.
The Parish Council are hopeful that further progress will be made in this area once the programme of works for the Local Transport Plan is approved in April.

Dog Fouling
Following complaints of dog fouling near the public right of way from Kirkwell Cottages to Percy Drive Amble, the Parish Council have agreed to install a new post mounted waste bin at the entrance from Kirkwell Cottages. We encourage all dog walkers to please ‘bag it and bin it’ wherever they are in the Parish.

Amble Bird Trail
A request had been received to include an audio and visual art installation in the bus shelter at Low Hauxley in the Amble Bird Trail. A meeting was held with Amble Development Trust to discuss the installation in greater detail and on considering all the issues the Parish Council have declined permission for the bus shelter to be included.
Unfortunately the timescales to make a decision on this matter were very short, and due to a lack of engagement with the community and the Parish Council during the evolution of the bird trail, made more difficult by coronavirus restrictions, the Parish Council decided that they could not accept the proposal. There were also road safety concerns due to the location of the bus stop.
Amble Development Trust were understanding of the Council’s decision and thanked them for the consideration.

Future meetings
An Ordinary meeting of the Parish would be held at 6.30pm on Monday 8th March 2021 via Zoom.

Email: hauxleypc@gmail.com  Website: https:// northumberlandparishes.uk/hauxley

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