Reports from our County Councillors #126

Posted on 04th February 2021 | in Northumberland County Council


Councillor Terry Clark

2020 has been a tough year all round, Coronavirus and the Government’s cynical handling of the pandemic has brought loss and tragedy into many homes. We’ve seen job losses due to Covid and the restrictions of lockdown have been hard to bear for many of us.

At the start of 2021, we still see a rapid rise in new cases and deaths; we are now being placed in lockdown again (January 5th) implementing a circuit breaker to slow down the transmissible spread.

Positive development in the fight against this pandemic: a vaccine (Pfizer and AstraZeneca)
These vaccines have been approved by the best regulators in the world, since the summer they have been working on the vaccines’ data as it arrived.

The Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) gave it the go-head after closely examining all the full trial data set which involved around 40,000 people.

The vaccine has been produced much more quickly than others because the medical scientists have been working tirelessly since the start of the pandemic, given the urgency of the situation.

There is no evidence that the side-effects are any greater than a sore arm, headache, and perhaps a mild fever, the same symptoms you can get with the normal flu vaccine. Following the vaccine you will be less likely to get complications or might not have any symptoms at all. You can still get Covid 19 but your body will start to fight it the minute you are introduced to it, and as a result your symptoms may be less or nil.

I would encourage everybody to have the vaccine, we have seen the devastation it can cause. The imminent success on the vaccine front will allow us all in 2021 to come together again.


Councillor Jeff Watson

You will be aware by now that the County Council has this year completed the purchase of the Turner Street car parking area and also that planning permission has been granted to extend it and add charging facilities for electric vehicles.

I am grateful for all the support from various organisation such as Amble Town Council, the Development Trust and the Business club that they gave to me to ensure that this major development for Amble is realised. I have requested that the development is proceeded with as soon as possible to help relieve the congestion we frequently see in the town centre.

I am still trying to solve other parking related issues that have arisen in the last year or so. I want the town to prosper but I want to ensure that local people still can enjoy the marvellous area in which we live.

It has now been agreed by the Town Council and the County Council for me to sponsor a new interactive speed sign at the existing site on Acklington Road, Amble. I sincerely hope it will remind drivers of the speed limit near the welfare park and persuade them to slow down.

At the time of writing this report (18/1/21) the situation in Amble re covid looks more positive than it has been for a while. We have a very low rate of infection compared to some other areas in Northumberland , which in turn has a lower rate of infection than many other North East Councils.

I hear that the Amble Medical Centre is doing very well and that they are highly efficient with covid jabs and I think they are to be congratulated for responding so quickly and efficiently. We still need to observe guidelines but as a community I am proud we have responded so well to this difficult situation. Stay safe!

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