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What it’s like getting a Covid test

On Monday 8 March at 9 am I went to JCSC high school or Acklington Road as some people call it. There were teachers waiting at the door to let a small number of people in at one time to get the Covid test.

When it was my turn, I was told by one of the teachers to go stand at the next door and I waited till I was told to go into the testing room (the teachers made it very clear). Once in the testing room they instructed me on what to do. It was quite simple.

For the Covid testing, you get directed to a seat and get a swab. You blow your nose and then stick the swab in the back of your throat for 5 seconds on each side, then up one of your nostrils and turn 5 times round. The throat one is not that bad unless you have a gag reflex, but I don’t so it was ok for me. The nose was not as good it made my eyes water but it was all ok. Some of my friends said that getting the swab up their noses felt like it was touching their brain! It wasn’t though.

The next day was my first day back at school. I was in a new class with a lot of people having the same thoughts as me: Who would be in my class? What’s it going to be like? In the end, it was good, I wasn’t with all my friends but I saw them at break and lunch.

Some things that I liked about online school was it was nice to have a change of school setting. It was nice to be sitting at home all day with pets and be able to see them throughout the day, rather than just when you got home from school. Something I really didn’t like about online school was not being able to see friends unless you called them.

Some things that I like about proper school is getting to see all your friends. You can have one on one with your teacher if you get stuck. I get to see my friends, but I liked online school because I got to see and be with my dogs all day.

By Megan

What is Intersectional Feminism?

It was recently International Women’s Day which had a lot of people celebrating, but often our feminism can be harmful.

Lots of people don’t realise to celebrate women you have to celebrate ALL women, not just cisgender white women. This includes trans, disabled, black, fat, indigenous, Jewish and any minority women!

This feminism, including marginalised women, is called intersectional feminism because it includes everyone- but I think it should just be feminism. If you aren’t supporting all women then you aren’t a feminist.

Transgender women especially are at a higher risk of homelessness, suicide, bullying, etc so it’s more important than ever to stay educated and support trans women!!!

Also, acknowledging women’s power is not intended to put down men. Despite what some people say there is still a long way to go to equality so don’t let a man tell you otherwise. (Did you know that every year on International Women’s Day the google searches for ‘International Men’s Day’ increase significantly? If you only care about men’s issues when you’re silencing women, you need to reconsider).

Check in on all your female friends and remember, it’s ok if you don’t understand something/ someone, but that doesn’t mean you get to be disrespectful. Educate yourself!
By Ava

Covid jabs: it’s better to be safe than sorry

I’m pretty sure people are wondering about who should get Covid jabs first, so I will tell you what I think should happen.

I think the most vulnerable should be treated first, like the elderly and people with health conditions. Then keyworker adults, like teachers, doctors, police officers, nurses and other jobs, since they need to work so they can treat more people.

Vaccine & symptoms
There is now a vaccine (if you didn’t know) against Covid-19. To be fully treated you need 2 doses of it (there’s still a chance of getting infected though but you are less likely to develop severe symptoms). There are 2 main vaccines, which are from the University of Oxford/Astra-Zeneca, and Pfizer. It is free and is being given to anyone who:
● Is 55+
● Anyone who is vulnerable
● People who live/work in care homes
● And people that care for anyone vulnerable

Symptoms of Covid-19 are:
● A continuous cough. (So if you cough once you DON’T have Corona)
● A high temperature.
● And loss of smell or taste.

Worried about the jabs?
Some people are worried about taking these vaccines since they’re new. Maybe they think that the jabs aren’t tested enough and could have a bad long-term effect.

I think that it’s ok to be kind of scared since it IS pretty new, but I’d rather be safe than sorry. I think it has been tested enough. If it wasn’t people surely wouldn’t have released it, and they would have worked on it again until it was better.
By Grace 🙂

Japanese food!!!

Hello welcome to Rating Food with Hannah. Today I am joined by my brother William, and we are describing some Japanese food. Well Japanese food that we like. First off, we have…

Onigiri is William’s favourite

Onigiri. Onigiri is a rice dish often shaped like a triangle or circle. It has a thin layer of beef or really any meat (even fish) and usually has a layer of seaweed around its outside. Fun fact: my brother likes onigiri so much that he changed his alias on Just Dance to ‘Onigiri Lover’ .

Next up we have the classic…. ramen woo hoo. Ramen is a Japanese type of noodle that is usually served in any type of broth. It is commonly topped with meat, vegetables, egg and seaweed.

Finally, we have … kohi zeri!! Or coffee jelly. Kohi zeri used to be more common in British or American cookbooks but now it is more popular in Japan than ever. It is served in both restaurants and cafes and is mentioned in quite a few animes.
By Hannah (and William)

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