Amble Town Council report #129

Posted on 30th July 2021 | in Amble Town Council

All meetings at 6pm – details on our website
Town: 2th August, 9th Sept both at Masonic Hall, Gloster Terrace;
14th October- Venue: T.B.C.
Amenities: 30th Sept – 6pm Council Offices

So many people have stepped forward to help and support others through these last difficult months. Many have continued to fulfil their essential roles, others have changed what and how they offer their services, whilst lots have volunteered their time to help more vulnerable members of the community. It would be impossible to thank everyone but our community is so very grateful to have such thoughtful, dedicated, kind individuals who have helped in a multitude of ways in these troubled times. As a small gesture of thanks, Council will be installing a new town seat with a dedication plaque; a place to sit and give thanks or to reminisce on happy moments to help us all through any hardship ahead.

After a pause last year, these will go ahead again this year but a little later. Alnwick Gardens will again send someone along to judge the shortlisted gardens. The judge is expected the week of 23rd August with councillors walking round in the two weeks beforehand. Due to the Covid restriction limiting numbers inside, only the top two entries will be invited to come and be presented with their prize by the Mayor. All other certificates will be delivered. The Adult and Junior Civic Award winners will be invited that evening too.

The drainage is now in place in the next section of the cemetery and we thank people for their understanding whilst the work was carried out. The ‘whip’ trees from Friends of the Earth are looking healthy and there was a visit from the NCC Woodland Officer to push forward ‘specimen’ trees to complete the western boundary and continue back towards the natural burial area. The rest of the boundary with the Gloster Hill development cannot have trees as it could impact the field drainage there. Although it will be a long time before the trees mature, it will be something for our present schoolchildren to show their children in the future. The fountain is switched off at the end of September to try and stop the autumn leaf fall blocking the circulation system; remember- water is turned off at the end of October.

In mid – June the new water feature pump prototype was fitted and has been greatly enjoyed by the youngsters playing there. We hope this solves the issues which have plagued it since installation. Although the original work was carried out under contract to NCC, with contributions from your local NCC councillors and this council, the cost of replacement has been borne equally by NCC and your council as the original contractor is no longer operating and therefore it was not possible to get them to undertake remedial work.

Despite the warm dry weather the floral displays have been beautiful. Dilston Terrace beds bloomed and formed a fitting tribute to the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Royal British Legion. The Wynd bed depicted the merging of local and auxiliary fire service units into one National Fire Service 80 years ago.

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