Amble Town Council Report #130

Posted on 01st October 2021 | in Amble Town Council

All meetings at 6pm – details on our website
Town: 14th Oct, 11th Nov, 9th Dec Check website for venue
Amenities: 30th Sept, 25th Nov Council Offices
Remembrance Sunday Service: 14th Nov 10.55am Memorial Gardens

Just as it seemed a solution had been found for the problems befalling the water feature pumping station at Paddlers Park, it was vandalised twice in as many weeks – the last time completely dislodging it! Unfortunately it could not be repaired and replaced for the August Bank Holiday weekend, however it is now being refurbished for next season. When the original area fell into disrepair, new health and safety regulations combined with utility requirements meant the pools could not be reinstated and many other types of water play were not possible, but the community still wanted water play of some type, so this feature was placed there under the NCC regeneration design. On completion, responsibility was handed over to your council. The replacement for the original pumping mechanism cost £1,500 and now this thoughtless vandalism means a minimum of another £600 will be needed – money which could be used for other things. No doubt these same destructive vandals will bemoan the lack of facilities for their own children in the future! A flagpole at the Town Square was also damaged but will be repaired. Unfortunately our police cannot be on the spot 24/7 so don’t blame them for lack of action – do your bit by reporting anyone you see behaving irresponsibly so that they can investigate and discourage these mindless expensive acts.

Previously this has been judged in July but we have often heard ‘too soon, the annuals need a bit longer.’ This year it was left another month but all Councillors felt the standard was not as good and it was better when done in July! The weather does play a major part in the displays and this year has certainly seen spells of long dry days and then heavy rain. Well done to all of you who produced such delightful sights for everyone to enjoy. The Alnwick Garden judge remarked on the high standard of gardens and thoroughly enjoyed his look around. Results are on the website.

The Adult award was presented to Rachel Cook for her tremendous efforts co-ordinating support throughout the Covid pandemic. She voluntarily worked tirelessly to get as much information to as many people as possible as well as ensuring those who needed physical help received it. The Junior award was given to Lily Tibbitts for her exceptional writing skills and the promotion of our young people as they strive to reach high standards.

This is on order and will be installed near Cliff House so those who wish to can sit and look out over the breakwater, the pier and the harbour entrance. A visible appreciation of everyone who supported our community through these last difficult months. There were so many who just quietly went about their daily work despite the restrictions in place as well as many more who voluntarily carried out tasks to help those more vulnerable people, or even just took a few minutes to chat and brighten the day. Thank you All.

There are a number of these placed throughout the town but recently it was wondered who was looking after them. Council has agreed to take responsibility for the one located at the centre of Queen Street and negotiations are being carried out to see if other organisations can take over those situated at the Sports Development Centre (Boy’s Club) and the Harbour. These can be a life-saving aid in times of collapse- training is available on their use but a telephone helpline guides anyone who accesses it in an emergency.

The second event Council have planned to celebrate this is a Fireworks display on the Braid area. There were many wonderful words of praise for the one at the end of the 2014-2018 WWI anniversary and although plans are in the early stages, the same firm has been engaged again. The Jubilee Bank Holiday is in June and it would therefore be very late before darkness fell- sometimes it is not truly dark if we have been blessed with a sunny day! So it has been decided to hold this on the Queen’s birthday- Thursday 21st April- which also happens to be during school break when perhaps a later night is allowable. More details next year. It is hoped that another event will take place on the actual weekend. If you are planning an event to mark this then please let us know so our website diary can show what is taking place in the town.

Interments are now beginning in the new section – N- at the top of the cemetery. In common with many other cemeteries these will now be ‘back to back’ as this gives a larger grass area between memorials for the newer machinery which is much wider than in days past. 420 ‘whip’ type of trees are arriving in November – a successful bid to the Woodlands Trust – and planting these will be the first of the town’s celebrations for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. It is hoped young people will help to put them in along the fence border of this new section – but others are welcome to volunteer- where they will grow to form a haven for insects and bird life in the years to come.

Tony Regan was co-opted at the August meeting as a Councillor for the Central Ward of the town. We welcome him and look forward to working with him as the newest member of our team who voluntarily give up their time to work for and promote this wonderful town we live in.

Finally, we are seeing a glimmer of hope after the awful past 18 months of doubt about the Covid crisis. Our Medical Practice should receive the highest praise for the number of vaccines administered – these numbers are outstanding.Thank you is not enough. What this means is that Amble is looking almost like its normal self with many locals and tourists enjoying all that we have to offer. Businesses are getting back to normal; the floral displays lift our spirits and we have enjoyed the best August for some time now. However as always, a note of caution, be aware that this pandemic will not go away and will be with us for some time to come. Enjoy our Town but be careful and continue to take any precautions that are relevant! Cllr. Craig Weir


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