Reports from our County Councillors #130

Posted on 01st October 2021 | in Northumberland County Council

Councillor Jeff Watson


The proposed pilot scheme for overnight parking of Campervans on the hard standing on the Braid has progressed further. Warkworth P.C. and Amble T.C have both approved the application so it will now go to planning. It is, I understand, for six vehicles and results will be analysed to see how it performs after six months.
There has been a lot of discussion re second homes and holiday homes in Amble, so I thought I would give you the latest up to date figures obtained from Northumberland County Council revenue department.
There are:
102 second homes listed
129 self-catering dwellings
3260 total properties currently registered in Amble
This means just over 7% are not primary dwellings.
Any new development over 10 houses has to have at least 15% of the homes allocated for affordable use.
I am trying to get the temporary overflow car park on the Braid made into a permanent parking area, it has worked well this Summer and has helped reduce the pressure on parking in the town.
With the nights drawing in its probably a good idea to make sure that bicycles have lights that work and if you have young children be aware of where they are in the evening.

Jeff Watson County Councillor for Amble West
0780 238 5367

Councillor Terry Clark


Concerns are constantly raised regarding road improvement schemes, traffic safety issues, parking, calming measures, road markings, foot/cycling maintenance.

The public can assist identifying priorities in any area, sending submissions to NCC Highways, County Hall, Morpeth, NE61 2EF.

This is called Local Transport Plan Programme, the top three Highways and transport priority issues are considered for inclusion in the LTP programme consultation annual review.

Directory of requests records all highways and transport related requests received from the Public, Parish / Town Council, County Councillor, and other organisations, this record of requests is listed with priorities submitted from all above will be scored against LTP criteria and those three with the highest score overall will be considered for inclusion in future LTP programme.

My yearly small members funding cannot contribute towards all schemes, some totally outweigh my balance.
Proposed road safety scheme this year – C109 between Low and High Hauxley road markings, new signage, lowering of speed limits, no physical measures proposed, just signage & markings, anticipated cost 25K. My contribution towards this scheme will be 10K.
Also through my SMS budget 2K contribution towards 5k cost of dropped kerbing along Wellwood Street into Industrial Estate. 2K towards realigning kerbing along Bay View 4k scheme.
Please consider future improvements and send your submission to be considered through the LTP.

After lock down:
My first time back to a club in eighteen months, first boozer the Toggy club North Broomhill. The Toggy welcomed back customers with a great evening of live music and bingo. Meeting up with family and friends also mixing with the good people of North Broomhill, so glad to meet residents in good spirits enjoying themselves in the Toggy. (We did actually win the full house playing bingo). Already looking forward to calling again in September for a few pints, live music and especially the bingo.
Thank you to all staff for keeping us safe and comfortable.

Cllr Terry Clark North Broomhill, Hauxley, Amble.

07779 983768

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2 thoughts on "Reports from our County Councillors #130"

  1. Living in Churchill AVE amble can anything be done about the pigeons nesting under the solar panels

  2. Paul Morrison says:

    Regarding the Councillor’s comment thé thé overspill car park on the Braid worked well – I disagree as it was taken over by commercial watersports operators and had illegal parking of their rental van overnight regularly. There was v little room for visitors to Amble.

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