Amble Town Council Report #131

Posted on 09th December 2021 | in Community

All meetings at 6pm – details on our website
Town: 9th Dec, 13th Jan, 6pm check website for venue
Amenities: 27th Jan. 6pm Council Offices

The delivery from the Woodland Trust has been delayed but we hope to have the 420 ‘whips’ soon and with the help of local schools pupils, Amble Youth Project and community volunteers these should be planted by the end of the year. As well as the West Cemetery we hope to fill some of the places on Percy Drive where trees were lost from the Jubilee planting and there may be enough for other areas.
Sadly despite following the horticultural advice, both the Nordmann Fir trees bought for the town did not ‘take.’ However we felt that living trees were what the town should have and so we have planted two new ones. They have been staked to protect them from the wind for at least the next six months. These Abies Concolor, have a silvery blue hue to them, are not as large but can grow to 4 metres within 10 years and should be sustainable for generations to come.

There has been an increase in complaints about speeding throughout the town. We urge everyone to report these incidents to Northumbria Police requesting an incident number. If speeding does not result in an accident then it is only after a significant number of reports that police can initiate extra coverage to try and target areas of concern. Council has requested more speed notification on central roads- either on the surface or posts alongside. Requests can be made for speed calming measures but these have strict criteria to satisfy and also generally need a majority agreement from the street’s residents; however it often seems that chicanes and speed bumps are not welcomed by all! Northumbria Police, our County Councillors, this Council and some businesses have worked together to provide cameras and speed flashing signs at the town entrances to encourage slower speeds.There are also a number of ‘tourist’ signs which are overdue for replacement e.g. directions to a Tourist Information Centre, and it is hoped that this will coincide with much better directional signs to the Car Park facilities in the town and so help to alleviate some congestion on our residential streets nearer the town centre and harbour area.

Council is beginning to formulate their budget for the financial year, 2022-2023, as this has to be notified to NCC by January 2022 so they can calculate it into the Council tax. It is easy to note where areas are increasing in cost- such as utilities- but so much harder to foresee areas where funds could be needed before March 2023! Just like prudent households, this Council tries its best to put funds aside each year for things which will need to be done but could be expensive if not saved for but there still needs to be money set aside for unexpected emergencies. It is hoped that in these difficult financial times, that any increase can be kept to a minimum.

Winter maintenance work and refurbishment has started on the town seats. The wooden slats on the older seats will be replaced with polyboard- recycled plastic- so they look good and last for many years to come. Another seat has been donated for Paddlers Park and should be in place soon. We are most grateful. There are now few remaining locations for new seats, Council has introduced a policy where, for a fee, memorial plaques can be placed onto established seats.

New signage has been erected to remind visitors to the cemetery of regulations which should be observed to keep the area fit for purpose. Please be respectful and considerate of others at all times. A reminder- the water is now turned off until April. The water butt is in place but please, please remember to place your container in the bins or take it away. Unfortunately many do not do so feeling they are helping others who may not have one but in reality, these are left to blow into the flower and shrub beds or onto graves, not only leaving the area looking untidy but also upsetting those whose family graves they appear upon.

Please be aware that the knob of the gate here can appear to be very stiff to turn. It is being oiled regularly but by a strange quirk it actually works in an anti- clockwise way! Due to attempts to try and open the gates wrongly, the metal ‘stay’ for the gates has cracked and, whilst it poses no danger, it will require attention. It is hoped it can be repaired and then the gates can be painted in the spring.

I’ve often wondered how people fall for it, but on Friday I was alerted to a message from a friend saying “this is you in the video?” It was a person I have communicated with so thought nothing of it. Even when the Facebook login page appeared, I just thought it was behind a login wall so logged into Facebook. At that point, the messages started coming from friends saying had I sent them a video? No I hadn’t, but the HACKERS had. Straight away I did all the things which you are told; changed passwords for Facebook and my email, contacted the fraud line at my bank etc. I’m telling this tale because I am IT savvy, having taught lessons to children about e-safety; I should know what not to do. I now know not to be distracted whilst online. Do not allow yourself to be drawn in. Always check before you open something. If it asks you to login to another site, don’t do it, even if it seems innocent. Be alert- Be aware! Cllr Ian Parks

Aware that Amble Parish has few of these, Council have submitted a list to NCC of others for consideration- such as the one at the top of Links Avenue. However NCC policy is now to only check these if they are in any danger of work or removal before making a decision. We have therefore decided to keep resubmitting the list each year so it remains fresh in their minds.

After a break last year, the reception will go ahead this year. Council welcome the opportunity to thank volunteers who give so much of their time to help others in our community- whether individually or as part of a group. We are very fortunate to have so many people willing to devote time from their own needs and pursuits to help others. Do you have a skill or experience which could be useful? Do you have some free time you could give? Would you like to spend time with others? Look around and you will surely find you are needed by someone or some group to assist them.


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