Christmas dinner for those on their own

Posted on 21st December 2021 | in Community

Amble’s very own Christmas angel Julie Baxter, and her team of kind hearted volunteers will be delivering Christmas dinners to those on their own on the big day.

Julie Baxter

Julie had originally wanted to provide a space for those on their own to meet up and enjoy their dinner, but due to covid worries, she has had to alter her plans.

She told The Ambler, “If there is anyone that is on their own this Christmas I’m happy to bring them a meal. Unfortunately due to Covid I’ve made the decision for it to be delivered only, as I want to protect our elderly and vulnerable.”

Throughout lockdown in 2020, Julie was busy helping the elderly and those shielding by bringing them home baked goods. Earlier this year, she  set up a community kitchen alongside a new catering business.

On her Cottage Catering facebook page she said: “Most of our customers are elderly or vulnerable and are likely to be in the high risk category and their safety must be paramount. We will still be doing Christmas Day lunches. However, after a lot of serious thought over the last few days I would be so worried that if I had people coming in and having their lunch together in the church that I would put them at risk of catching Covid and I could never live with myself if any of my lovely customers came to any harm. It’s not been an easy decision as part of the original idea was to get those who live alone to have a lovely meal in the company of others.”

If you live in Amble or the surrounding area and are, or know someone, who will be on their own on Christmas Day let Julie know and she will cook and deliver a three course Christmas dinner complete with Prosecco.

The price is £15 and can be paid in cash or by card on the day. Ring Julie on 07447665629.


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