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Posted on 10th February 2022 | in Community , Letters & Email , Opinion

Welcome back to Trust Life, ‘springing’ back into action.

Well sadly we all know that adverse weather caused the Events Committee to cancel the Lights Festival, which disappointed everyone. Volunteers turned out to help set up the site in the cold and rain, but the weather forecast said it would clear so they ploughed on. But by 2pm it became obvious the weather forecasters had got it wrong!

Storm Arwen devastated parts of the town

After several attempts at identifying another suitable date it was decided to wait until the new year which would give everyone something to look forward to. Currently February is looking favorable for tides and weather. Fingers crossed.

We also have the Queens’ Jubilee weekend to look forward to and the Events committee are working in conjunction with the Trust to bring activities forward that link to the bird sculpture project. This will include workshops and entertainment.
We have made slightly more headway with the bird sculptures, with all but one installation clearing planning conditions, although the building conservation officer has now requested information not previously required. Hopefully 2022 will finally be the year we complete this project, two years behind schedule.

Storm Arwen tore through the town causing severe damage to many buildings. Sadly many are still trying to come to terms with the devastation and damage caused.

Several of the trust buildings had damage to the roofs, and at the Welfare four large trees were brought down. One pulled up the stone perimeter wall leaving debris lying close to the roadside, which had to be hastily removed.

Our thanks go to those who volunteered or turned up as soon as asked to help clear up. And for those with wood burning fires, please help yourselves to the wood that has been cut up and safely stored at the Welfare.

We did manage to plant 20 fruit trees in the Welfare, and hope to have the remaining 120 through the county council scheme soon, but officers have been redeployed to help with their big clean up.

We plan to meet up with those who have shown an interest in the community orchard in the coming weeks. This will help us plan the site for future planting.

If you are interested in a community orchard, contact

Trustees have agreed to reopening job search facilities from 9.30 – 11.30am each week day. Currently if you want to contact the Ambler, or require a CV, you can do so by ringing: 01665 712929 or emailing or

Julia and all trust staff and trustees

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