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Town: 6pm, 14th April, 12th May AGM: 6pm 12th May Venue: TBC

Amenities: 6pm, 31st March, 26th May Council Offices

The first celebration of this event began during Spring Half Term when members of Amble Youth Project joined with volunteers to plant a mixture of ‘whips’ along the West Cemetery northern boundary. Later volunteers planted another area at the cemetery and Members from Amble Coastal Rowing Club planted at the Braid copses. Let’s hope they all survive the inclement weather and thrive in the years ahead. Next event- already firmly in your calendar- is the Celebration Fireworks taking place at the Braid on the Queen’s Birthday 21st April. Planned to start at 9pm and although a Thursday it is during the school holidays so hopefully all the family can enjoy them- make sure children have some contact details with them in case you get separated. Please also remember that whilst there will be lights, the area is dark in places and very uneven so care is needed.

If it is not already working, it should not be too long now. There has been a delay as whilst the pendulum spring was broken, it was decided to have an assessment of anything else which might need replaced. These parts are then individually made. Accessing electric components has been difficult as they were set behind the clock works- so these have been moved to a more convenient position. We do know how much the clock is missed and we thank everyone for their patience whilst this has been done.


As the Spring weather approaches, thoughts turn to getting out and about to enjoy the countryside and improve your health by doing more walking if you are able. Sometimes we know where we want to go, other times we’d like a new experience or to share the pleasure with is a site where you can download information to help with that. It has walks of different lengths and terrains so no matter whether you are an active pensioner, have children, fit or have problems- you may be able to find something there to encourage you to enjoy the air, socialise or just stroll along.


A very complex matter mainly governed by national policies and guidelines. ‘Don’t want’..’Don’t need’..may be strongly held feelings but are not planning or legal grounds for refusal. First the site is considered in various ways- is it suitable for that development e.g. residential, industrial; has the land been used before- brownfield; is the scale and design appropriate; what could be the impact on other properties nearby. Then the effect on the locality can be looked at- the environment, the highway structure, the community facilities. These can only be looked at with documented reports to show the possible effect if the development goes ahead. No matter how widely held, speculation or belief that the infrastructure is not sufficient cannot be used to determine an application nor to instigate improvements in anticipation of the effect.
So if a development cannot be stopped, apart from the properties themselves, can the town gain anything? Financial contributions from large scale residential plans for improvements – S106 agreements; after lobbying hard, NCC now consider support for infrastructure e.g. finance towards education, health, recreation. We strongly emphasise this must be spent in the town itself. How does this help?
Housing: we are currently looking at a survey to prove what type of housing the town still needs- the community view seems to go from none to more smaller or rented properties. Concerns have been expressed about the number of holiday/second homes in the town. These can be restricted in new builds but only if there is a recorded minimum of 20%- current data shows 11% here but soon 2021 census figures will be released and we expect a change.
Education: data shows there is space for the higher ages but not at first levels; however until a public consultation determines whether to be two tier or three tier, no progress can be made.
Health facilities: the practice is looking at how best to utilise this as there are limitations on how money can be used.
Recreation: we are currently working with NCC to collect data on how this aspect can be improved and enhanced as without that recorded information, nothing can change. Regardless of all our desires for improvements, in the majority of cases only a percentage of the monies becomes available when the first house is occupied as it is only then that a true need is proved- so no massive amounts therefore no quick fixes.
Would a neighbourhood plan have stopped large developments? These cannot stop development, only hope to place them in suitable locations. With almost no community support for carrying out one, it was decided that the advantages did not merit the enormous cost of producing this as by the time these were legally allowed to carry any sway, the majority of Amble’s land had designated uses or approved plans in place.


Tracey Hinson has resigned from her position representing Amble West Ward. We are sorry to see her go, thank her for all her support and wish her well in the future.


COUNCILLOR’S CORNER {Views expressed are those of the individual and not necessarily those of the council}
Since moving here thirty years ago, the town has increased greatly but the sports and leisure facilities have not. Several groups, spread all over the town organise activities and are a great benefit; however I would like to see all these activities in one place. Council have asked residents to complete a survey on activities in the town- in my opinion the response wasn’t great in fact I thought it poor.
My own thoughts are that a Recreation Centre with a Community Hub would be great- a place where people can attend classes/courses or just sit and have a cuppa with friends. There are lots of benefits in having a complex- it keeps people fit both in body and mind, it benefits young people giving them something to do rather than hanging about the streets, it creates jobs and revenue and a sense of ownership within the town. Without support and your thoughts and suggestions fed back then I would assume Amble isn’t really interested- Please prove me wrong.

Cllr David Bewley


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