Trust Life #133

Posted on 01st April 2022 | in Amble Development Trust

Welcome back to Trust Life. I begin this passage of Trust Life with a message to some of the recent visitors we have had! While Amble prides itself on being the Friendliest Port, there were three unwelcome visitors and we would prefer they did not return under any guise.

I refer to those named Arwen, Eunice and Dudley. Obviously, these are the storms and not any person with those names. They wreaked damage, havoc and chaos upon our little town with many repairs to buildings not yet complete. It is hard to know the emotional stress that this has caused to those affected.

Upcoming events
While not in the same category they also called another halt to out Festival of Lights activities, not once but three times. Not ones to be daunted or concede easily we are now hoping to incorporate a revised festival into the Puffin Festival activities at the beginning of June, which coincides with the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations.

During the Puffin Festival we have a film crew coming from Locality (former Development Trust Association) to film some of the projects the Trust has instigated, as well as speaking to locals, artists who have been involved in the sculpture trail and workshops, as well as participants.

Queen’s Jubilee Fund
We have applied for funding through the Queen’s Jubilee Fund run by NCC. If successful, we plan to run a community competition to design a flag for the town, purchase lily of the valley plants for the town square as these are the Queen’s favourite flowers, and fruit trees for the community orchard.
On that note, I am pleased to say we have now received our free trees from NCC and will be planting them in the welfare in the near future. For further information on the orchard contact;

Bird Sculpture Trail
Our latest update on the sculpture installations; The conservation officer has agreed that none of the sculptures will detract from the locations, the ecology report for one of the Hauxley locations stated there was nothing of consequence on that site and we have a groundworks company ready to start once the CEMP report has been submitted, (CEMP being the construction, environment management plan). Then once we have a license from NCC we will be set to go, at long last!
Our job search facilities are now open from 9.30 – 11.30 each weekday.

If you would like to contact the Ambler or requiring a CV you can do so by ringing: 01665 712929 or emailing or

Julia and all trust staff and trustees

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