Amble Town Council Report#134

Posted on 26th May 2022 | in Amble Town Council , Community

Town 6pm  9 June

Amenities 6pm 26th May at Council Offices

The 30mph limit will be moved to the New Hall crossroads when the Longstone Manor development is occupied. Acklington Road will soon have a 20mph sign installed by JCSC entrance to encourage motorists to slow down here. A1068 by the North entrance has a new flashing speed sign to remind motorists to reduce their speed as they enter the town. NCC have listened to our concerns and Percy Drive will have a safe crossing point installed this year, with another next year although the exact positions are yet to be agreed. In line with the Hauxley Grange development requirements, the footway is being extended from Priory Park to the South roundabout. We continue to ask for more 20mph signage in the town.


The drive repair at the West cemetery entrance is still needed (contractors are still very busy)- be careful to avoid this area by using other paths to reach the plot you are visiting. Tree tidying up work is being carried out but all the damaged trees and broken boughs have been attended to. Water is back on but please, please, dispose of any container you take. People are trying to be kind by leaving these for others, but what actually happens is they get blown all over the cemetery and look so untidy. The old seat on the drive is being replaced with a new one to match the others at the entrance. One of the East cemetery gates will be taken away for repair with a new ‘knob’ to make opening easier. Once back in place, the gates will be painted.


[Views expressed are those of the individual and not necessarily those of the council]

As a longstanding visitor and a new resident of eight months in the town, I was co-opted to the Town Council in February after putting myself forward. Living in a place gives you an entirely different perspective from just a day visit. Everyone is friendly here- most will pass the time of the day on Queen Street, at the Harbour Village or on The Braid. Having two flat coated retrievers also helps!
It has been both interesting and surprising to find out what goes on in the town and just how active your Town Council is. In my short time, there has been the Storm Arwen clear up, tree planting and the Jubilee Fireworks in April. In the town the new car park construction works have started and we look forward to Platinum Jubilee events and the Puffin Festival.
Of course there are frustrations and problems too, but we are all trying to work to improve life in the town, whether for residents or visitors- to make it a better place to live, work or enjoy leisure time. I can only encourage more people to contribute to the life of the town for everyone’s benefit. It is certainly rewarding.
Cllr Paul Dancer


Litter bins too suffer mindless vandalism and are not a cheap item at around £500 each to purchase and install. Whilst some ask for more bins, you may be surprised to find that this comparatively small place already has over 70! The trend is now to use larger boxes and containers for take- a- way food but these do not easily fit into the bin openings. Please try to fold these so the bins do not look too full when there is actually little inside! Left outside, they become a magnet for seagull, crows etc. and as they are light, they blow about and get caught in bushes etc. We are proud of our town, so let’s encourage everyone to dispose of litter properly or take it home


Council are working with local businesses and voluntary groups on a joint initiative to help everyone in the town by promoting the benefits and expertise which can be shared together and with the community. More details including how YOU can get involved will be in the next edition of the Ambler.


Maintenance work goes on throughout the year but if you see a seat which has come loose or is vandalised please let the office staff know so it can be attended to. The basic design of metal seat costs around £450 to purchase and install if there is already a base in place with the more ornate ones almost double that. Council is very grateful to those people who have come forward and generously bought one in memory of a loved one. The seats are all well used but unfortunately a few are disrespected and mistreated- please help by reporting anyone doing any damage.


There are now vacancies for a Council member for the West Ward and for the Central Ward – please contact the Clerk for details.


TOWN COUNCIL OFFICES, FOURWAYS 2, AMBLE. NE65 0DT Tel: 01665 714 695 mail Twitter: @AmbleTC Facebook:

Office hours: 10.30am-12noon & 1.30-3p.m. Monday to Friday

Vicki Smith, Town Clerk  Minutes available to view in Office or online

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