Amble Town Council report #135

Posted on 05th August 2022 | in Amble Town Council

Town: 6pm. 11th Aug., 8th Sept at Fourways 2 top floor
Amenities: 6pm. 29th Sept at Council Offices

The water feature pump was modified and working again in late June. Although a robust structure, this has been the subject of repeated vandalism since it was first installed. Manufacturers and contractors have all stated their disbelief in the wanton deliberate destruction of this item which has required considerable constant effort to dislodge it. These acts cause distress and dismay as well as resulting in large costs for repairs. Due to the location as well as health and safety regulations this was the only type of water feature which was deemed acceptable. We hope that it can at last remain there and give pleasure to young children for many years to come.

During late May and June, we acknowledged that standards have been far from ideal. We have held talks with our contractor who was very apologetic stating that operational problems and manpower issues were the cause but these should now be resolved. Members have checked and the grounds have improved but these will continue to be monitored closely. Shrubs will soon be cut back as will the hawthorn hedge by the cremated remains area. The new seat as you walk up the main drive should have been installed by the time you read this.

We are looking at replacing seats as needed with recycled plastic to reduce deterioration. These are more robust and suitable for our seaside atmosphere. We are starting with the seats along Bay View promenade but all manufacturers are experiencing difficulties with supplies so it may be a while before these are in place.

There are two vacancies for Council members – please contact the Clerk for details.

download as a pdf


On 7 July the judge from Alnwick Gardens viewed gardens selected in all three wards of the town as well as some business and community areas. He expressed his admiration for those who had such colourful and varied plants and flowers looking so good. The winners and runner ups were presented with their awards on 14 July.

Civic Awards were presented to Vic Brown, recently retired from Coquet Shorebase, for her sterling work in encouraging everyone to enjoy watersports safely and bringing a variety of activities in which all ages can participate; Katrina Cassidy gained her award for her pastoral work with JCSC students and the promotion and expansion of Northumbria Army Cadets.

List of winners: download as a pdf


The aim of this project is to bring together Business and Voluntary organisations within Amble for the mutual benefit of the Community. This will provide an opportunity for these organisations to show what they can offer and in turn would enable support for each other to their mutual benefit.

This interaction will also help everyone to understand what is available locally in a wide range of goods, services and community groups.

Through a mutual coming together everyone will be able to bring forward and support new ideas, projects and ventures for the future. Amble Connect will provide a means to link all initiatives into one with a common goal to help Amble. This common community bond will provide a corporate body which can be used to seek funding for large projects within the Town and also be a platform for all groups to communicate and link in with existing structures. The modern term is “networking”

Being realistic, the starting point has to be small and representative of a cross section of those interested. ‘Amble Connect’ is the working title for the first meeting phase which will be facilitated by finance from Amble Town Council (ATC); however the ultimate goal is towards self-sufficiency.

If you have a business-large or small- in Amble and would like to take part in this initiative or if you represent a charitable organisation or Community group looking for volunteers or to expand an idea or if you are a resident who wants to help Amble then contact ATC now for further details!


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