Hi-Tech Tea: an event to help the technically baffled

Posted on 30th September 2022 | in Community

They say if you want to know how gadgets work, ask a young person! So here’s a new event in Amble to help people of all ages, especially older folks who may feel baffled by even the most basic functions of their mobile technology.

Do you want some basic help with a gadget or an app?

Amble Youth Project and The Ambler are inviting you to be smart savvy with your smart phones and other devices. Are you getting frustrated with your low knowledge of your phones/iPads/tablets, or would you like to be shown how to use your device better?

The event will be held on Thursday 10 November at Amble Youth Project, Dilston Terrace, 4-7pm.
Drop in and meet a ‘Tech Geek Squad’ of young people who will be happy to help. Free tea/coffee and cakes!

In addition, Amble Youth Project are showing all things good about Youth Work during the week 7 – 13 November, as it is Youth Work Week 2022.

Call 07488984053 and let us know you are coming – we don’t want to run out of cake.

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