Greetings from new Methodist minister

Posted on 07th December 2022 | in Community

Dear Friends,
I grew up near Durham City, so the Northumberland coast was a regular destination for day trips when I was a child. We were regular visitors to Warkworth and its castle. Oddly almost the only place I had never visited here was Amble. I am now setting that serious omission right.

Trinity Methodist Church

I have been a Methodist minister for more than 25 years. Previously I have served churches in Harrogate, Gateshead, County Durham and Middlesbrough. From September I have been appointed to serve the Methodist church in Amble, as well as in Alnmouth, Hauxley and Widdrington Station.

The focus of my ministry has always been preaching and teaching, but I have sometimes said that most of what I do is “creative loitering.” I like to be where people are gathered, in church of course, at coffee mornings and fellowship groups, but also in the wider community. I am very fond of cafes, by which Amble seems very well served. I value the random encounters that just happen to happen and the relationships that can grow from them.

I will be living in Gateshead, with my wife Judith and close to most of our six children and all four of our grandchildren (there’s a fifth due in December). I am working part time. I will be working from an office in the Methodist church in Amble, about three days a week and roughly every other Sunday.

You can contact me by phone on 07729 258671 or by email: I also have a website:

I look forward to meeting some of you, at random, and sharing Good News and the hope and joy that grows from it.

Best wishes and every blessing

Christopher Wood-Archer

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