Statue and relics come to Amble

Posted on 13th December 2022 | in Community

A statue of the Virgin Mary and relics of two shepherds were brought to Amble’s Roman Catholic church in early October.

To celebrate the Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary, Canon Stephen Watson (who is looking after The Sacred Heart and St Cuthbert Catholic Church) invited the Pilgrim Virgin Statue and the Relics of St Jacinta and St Francisco to the Parish.

Celebrations began with Mass followed by a film about the shepherds Lucia, Francisco and Jacinta of Fatima. Then a procession brought the Statue of Our Lady into the Church. Eight-year-old John McPeak carried the relics of Saints Jacinta and Francisco, and a floral crown was placed on the statue by Rose Fletcher, aged seven, with some assistance by Canon Stephen.

Canon Stephen gave a homily that highlighted, with Ukraine in mind, the relevance of the message of Fatima in a time of war and persecution and the need for prayer and reconciliation.

One parishioner, Mrs Mary McNally, said that it had been a very joyous and moving occasion that had been attended by Catholics from near and far, including two from Idaho USA who happened to be in the area.

Canon Stephen concluded that the visit of the National Pilgrimage Virgin Statue was a blessing to all, and one that will bring people back to church to grow in the grace of God.

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