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Posted on 01st February 2023 | in Amble Development Trust , Community

Wishing a happy New Year to all Ambler readers. Well Christmas has been and gone, the lights once again were wonderful and the Rekindle and Light Procession were unrivalled successes with even more participants than we could have hoped for, after all this time of following Covid restrictions.

Investment Plan
We are starting the year off with a community workshop to build an Investment Plan for the town. This plan will capture participants’ ideas, that we could put forward for funding as and when appropriate, if we can match the criteria (which generally has to be about job creation). While we cannot accommodate everyone to attend the meeting in person you are welcome to forward ideas by email to myself or Andrew Gooding:
The report has to be completed by the end March, so thinking caps on if you have any ideas you think would benefit the town.

Neighbourhood Plan
Still on the community development aspect, you will notice an article on p5 of this Ambler asking if you would be interested in working to develop a Neighborhood Plan. This would involve meetings and data gathering to ascertain what the community would like included.
While there are certain things that cannot be determined by this type of plan, there is no set format or criteria that must be included. It’s a way of giving the community the chance to have their say on how the town could progress in the future, which is being encouraged by NCC. If you are interested, please email me or Andrew at the Trust (email addresses are below).
We will be relying on the town council to progress this if there is sufficient interest. We will collate the responses and forward them to the council for consideration.

Bord Waalk
At the time of writing we have only two sculptures left to install, one on Horseshoe Hill and the other in the new car park on Turner Street. The app is just about ready to be released once all installations are done. We will also be printing leaflets because we are aware that not everyone wants or uses a smartphone.

Please keep sending the photos in so we can add them to our portfolio and add them to the app (if you are happy for us to do so). Or use the hashtag #AmbleBordWaalk in your social media posts.
If you would like to know more please feel free to call into the Trust office or email me.

Welfare and Orchard
At the Welfare we have submitted an application to NCC for funding to replace the rubber crumb surface in the children’s play area. As with all funding there are no guarantees we will be successful, but you have to be in to stand a chance of winning!

We are also meeting with NCC officers to discuss Playzones, which are basically multi use games areas.

While we already have two at the Welfare, they could do with some freshening up, so again fingers crossed.

Plans for the Orchard continue and some trial work should happen there in the coming weeks. For further information on the orchard contact;

Contact us
Our job search facilities are now open from 9.30 – 11.30 each weekday. CVs:
The Ambler:
Andrew Gooding:
Julia Aston:
or ring 01665 712929

Julia, all Trust staff and Trustees

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