Amble Town Council Report #139

Posted on 30th March 2023 | in Amble Town Council

Town: 3th April, 11th May (includes Annual Meeting)
Amenities: 30th March, 25th May
Meetings at 6pm at Fourways 2 Top Floor

It was exciting at long last to see positive ideas for this. The display gave a general impression of the development but this can be subject to alterations before final submission.

There will be a planning application – when that happens, we urge everyone to take a look at the NCC Planning Portal to see exactly what will be there and to comment if they wish.

The 20mph limit to cover both schools here should now be in place. There will be interactive flashing speed signs to remind motorists. The original flashing sign there will be relocated to Percy Drive to remind everyone of the 30 mph limit there. The police, NCC and ourselves are getting many complaints about inconsiderate parking along Acklington Road – usually when matches are taking place at the Welfare.

JCSC have been approached, both in the past and recently, about opening their car park at these times but they have not yet agreed. Whilst there is no parking in the Welfare, motorists still need to be respectful about how and where they do park so that pedestrians are safe and the risk of accidents is reduced.

For some time Council have been asking for improvements in the above. Whilst better facilities for Sport are very welcome, it is not enough. There are many other activities which do not strictly come under the heading of sport but which are good for physical and mental wellbeing.

The town is expanding – however the majority of available venues now in the town are often booked and it can be a struggle to find somewhere for a new group to start. With the increasing population another venue could well be needed in the future. We have continually brought this up with NCC officers and their councillors and even drew the lack of venues to the attention of our M.P. on her recent visit.

Councillors have been to see some ‘Community Hubs’ with more planned, in order to view the space they provide, how they obtained it and what revenue streams they have to maintain their existence – the latter being of great importance.
Whilst it may be possible to get grants and funding to build or refurbish, there are very few areas of finance to keep a venue going other than the money from groups using it. It is hoped that with the information gathered there may be a steering group formed to see if the idea can be developed further. Get thinking about this so you are ready with your thoughts and ideas when it reaches that stage.

The repair work to the culvert which includes a diversion in the West Allotments area and the refurbishment of manholes has been delayed. When Council are notified with a new date, notices will be put up at the allotments. Every effort will be made to minimise disruption for plot tenants. The work in the cemetery compound will be carried out with respect and cease whenever funerals take place.

In the same week that we had praise for our responsible dog owners keeping open areas clear, we had complaints too about irresponsible owners who do not pick up after their pets! Whilst gentle walking is being encouraged as easy exercise for all, no matter what your age or limitations, please try to keep the green spaces and streets clear of fouling- and litter too.

The western boundary has now been planted with 50 trees from NCC’s Treescape Fund. These are metre high saplings planted in a double row which will mature to form a colourful edge to the cemetery and be a haven for wildlife. They join the small ‘whips’ which were planted along the northern boundary last year with the help of volunteers.

The path between the top turning circle and section M which had deteriorated has now been removed, covered with top soil and will be sown to grass when the weather improves.

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