Reports from our County Councillors #139

Posted on 30th March 2023 | in Community

James Calvert Spence College (New School)
NCC have finally committed to building and developing a new school for Amble and surrounding areas.
An investment of £36 million has been agreed, and will be used to build the very best modern learning facility our children deserve. Additionally it will provide new places to meet the needs of young people with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities providing creative, well-educated young individuals with hope and opportunity developments throughout their lives.
This new building must be at the heart of our community providing new classrooms, laboratories, library, computer rooms and a place to play and chill out. It must give young people the entitlement to suitable learning provisions in a high quality building, of which they will be proud. This will do that.
We still have concerns regarding traffic and community use, which needs to be sorted out. We also need to ensure the delivery of all upgraded sports and recreation facilities: all-weather running tracks, floodlit 3G football pitch, multi-use games areas, a series of football and rugby pitches.
This new school will create a safe, sustainable and successful building giving our young people an inspiring learning environment that will meet their needs.

Cllr Terry Clark Amble, Hauxley and North Broomhill 07779 983768


I am attending meetings to ensure that the new James Calvert Spence plans are the best that can be for our young people as well as the community. The plans are progressing well and following the recent public consultation are being examined to see if some of the concerns raised can be addressed.
The road layout at the current school area has received attention and will have more alterations when the school build is completed.
I have checked that there will be capacity to cope with more children in the Coquet Partnership as this is likely to increase with the number of new homes in the area. The special educational needs element is most welcome to enable local children with various issues to get good facilities without having to travel great distances.
I am concerned by the growing numbers of covid cases in our area, it certainly hasn’t gone away, please be careful and follow simple hygiene rules as much as possible.

Hope you enjoy Spring!

Jeff Watson
Amble West with Warkworth 07802 385367



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