Vehicular anti social behaviour in Amble

Posted on 13th April 2023 | in Police

Northumbria Police are aware that there have been reports of vehicles involved in anti-social activities and also concerns around the standard of driving in the Amble area, with a particular focus around the area of Morrisons and the A1068.

Contact the police if you see anyone using a vehicle in an anti social manner

Neighbourhood staff have been looking at these issues and  will continue to do so with regular patrols in the area. Our Operations Department has also deployed Unmarked vehicles in this location and will also continue to do so when possible in order to deal with these issues.

As a result of this Neighbourhood staff have spoken to drivers of vehicles in the area covering the need for considerate driving and issues warnings around potential enforcement action that can be taken should any vehicle be involved in anti-social driving or incidents.

Home visits have also been conducted to identified drivers and appropriate action taken.

We will continue to look at these issues and the drivers of these vehicles involved incidents of this type should be in no doubt that should they continue to act in this manner, they could lose their vehicle and their driving licence through police led enforcement action.

Should anyone witness anyone driving in a concerning manner or using a vehicle in an Anti-social manner then report it the Northumbria police either through 101 or via the web page – Northumbria Police

Sgt Les Robson
Northumbria Police, Neighbourhood team

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